Moon Knight erased the tragic scene from its finale

Shortly before Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness took over the MCU fandom, the sixth Disney + show franchise ended with the last episode of Oscar Isaac Knight of the Moon. The finale set the stage for an interesting journey with Isaac’s Marco Spector in the Marvel Studios narrative, especially after he seemingly left Khonshu and the person of the Moon Knight behind.

In that finale, Isaac brought out everything he had in his performance, as did Marc Spector and Steven Grant, while fans celebrated Steven’s return from the dead in Duat before the duo returned to the real world. This preceded the epic last battle between not only Marc and Arthur Harrow, but also the Egyptian gods and goddesses Ammit, Khonshu and Taweret, while their Avatars unleashed their full power.


Although the finale came with many exciting topics to address, including the long-awaited discovery of Jake Lockley, the series was filled with moments of tragedy in almost every episode. Now, with all six episodes available for streaming at Disney +, one of the series ’directors has shared some of his favorite moments from scenes that entered the show and scenes that didn’t.

The Oscar-winning Moon Knight scene has been deleted

Knight of the Moon mom

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Knight of the Moon directed by Mohamed Diab, who has revealed details about the deleted scene he hopes Marvel will release to the public soon.

While praising Isaac as “a genius actor,” Diab has revealed that his favorite sequence was actually cut from the last episode – the one that was at the top of his work in episode 5. The scene showed Marc and Steven confronting their abusive mother “in the white void”, perhaps to come to terms with his traumatic childhood. Diab called Isaac’s performance “Oscar worthy:”


“I think he’d say I’m just encouraging him, but I always tell him,‘ You’re going to win everything, ’because he’s always great. He is a genius actor. The irony is that my favorite of his scenes is cut out. It was in the sixth episode. As great as everything else was, it actually added to it with something even better. He faced his mom in the white void and walked back and forth between Marc and Steven. AND Oh my God. That scene in itself is an Oscar-worthy show. We hope that Marvel will release that scene one day because Oscar was a genius. ”

Diab also spoke about which moments from the last two episodes compete with the steak scene from Episode 1, mentioning that “emotional roles increase” in the penultimate entry. While teasing that there is a longer depiction of the steak scene, he mentioned a scene depicting the shit of Marco’s mother sitting as a key moment in which Isaac embodies grief through three different people at once:

“Well, the emotional roles increase in the fifth episode. So if we’re talking about the amount of emotional intensity, everything in the fifth episode is more intense. By the way, there was a longer version of that steak scene, which was fantastic, too. So my favorites would be were the steak scene and the after shiva scene when Marc cries on the ground And then Marc and Steven talk about it Oscar did a fantastic job feeling sad through three different people and it was such a great, emotional scene I just love what Oscar made it there. “

The director also confirmed that Steven should always have survived the series when asked if there was a version in which he did not return. A conversation with experts on dissociative identity disorder has led to this show dealing with learning to live with different identities instead of completely nullifying them:

“Never. The journey is about Marc and Steven learning to live together so you can’t break up with one of them. And by the way, it’s something we learned from understanding what DID is through the experts we had on hand. People with DID they learn to live with their identities, not to annul one or more of their identities. “

Reliving tragic moments in Moon Knight

Episode 5 of Knight of the Moon brought Marco Spector into a traumatic situation in which he had to face his past, which meant a face-to-face meeting with his violent mother and a memory of the period of grief after her death. Although Diab couldn’t put this scene in Episode 6, he made it clear that he wants Marc and Steven to have a chance to face that horrible past and leave it behind so they can move forward together.


It would also tie the last two episodes more tightly together, giving Marc a chance to feel even more whole as he embarked on the battle against Arthur Harrow and the goddess Ammit. Where he would fit in at the time of the performance is a mystery, but Diab obviously wanted to add another emotional moment to the final episode of Marco’s first Disney + season.

Mental health played a big role in talking Knight of the Moon‘s story within the MCU, and although not everything came to a final cut, Diab was adamant that this aspect of the protagonist’ s journey be told as fully as possible.

All six episodes Knight of the Moon are now available for streaming on Disney +.


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