Missouri bills from sports betting to re-district are still on the table

JEFFERSON CITY – The General Assembly is entering the final week of its annual session with a blank list of legislative wishes, but it remains to be seen how many will cross the finish line.

Last week, lawmakers adopted an annual budget of $ 49 billion, meeting their constitutional obligation just hours before the deadline to send bills to Governor Mike Parson’s desk. There are no constitutional requirements for passing any other law, but the Republican majority wants it nonetheless after a session in an election year dominated by inter-party disagreements.

As the clock strikes, the number of bills sent to Parson this year could be lower – but those that pass are more likely to contain key priorities.

“This has been a painful journey on certain days and weeks,” Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden, a Colombian Republican, said last week. “We’ll probably bring in fewer real bills this year. I guess those bills will be bigger and we’ll do more of these smaller things.”

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