Miami Dolphins Sunday Mailbox: Outlook for Defense, Schedule, Potential Extras and more

Large SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mail bag. Let’s go:

From Reza Hariri (@ Therealrezpect1):

I think Miami has done a good job this offseason. We really hope we can add a little veteran leadership / more talent to this young team. Thinking about the possibility of adding Tretter, Dunlap, Hicks and Michel or a combination. Who would you say would be the highest priority?

Hey Reza, I agree with you on everything. Being interested in a free veteran or bringing someone to visit doesn’t always mean a signature, but I would absolutely expect Dolphins to make an addition or two among the four players listed above. If I had to rank those four according to who I would like to see the Dolphin sign, I mean Tretter, Michel, Hicks, Dunlap.

From Chris Hyer, Ed.D. (@ Chrishyer31):

In McDaniel’s attack, what do you see as the key element (s) to launch the attack? Is it the next man or does it depend on the health of key players? Will the scheme change every week based on the defense or do you think the approach will be similar every week? … Given the schedule was released on May 12, what would you be thrilled about? (i.e. Thanksgiving in Detroit? October in prime time in LA? January in Buffalo?)

Hey Chris, a few questions, such quick answers: Success in attack often depends on the health of key players, and the most needed players, as I see it right now, could be Tyreek Hill and Terron Armstead, two newcomers. I don’t believe the attack will be very different from week to week as it was under Brian Flores when the game plan seemed to be very specifically designed for the opponent. As for the schedule, I like the idea of ​​playing in Detroit on Thanksgiving a lot more than any game in prime time (although that’s said exclusively from a professional standpoint because it’s very late nights). From the point of view of the fans, the game in the prime time against Buffalo on the last Sunday of the regular season would be great.

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