Meghan Markle, Netflix’s blow to Prince Harry leaves royal members ‘worried’

Netflix has canceled the debut series of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for the platform, leaving the royal family worried about the future, according to the royal expert.

Meghan’s first project for Netflix, an animated series Pearl, was abruptly dismissed last week, s Daily Mail’s Richard Eden commenting that the event has caused concern among members of the royal family who realize that only personal projects could get the green light.

Eden said, “I think that’s the real problem. They imagined themselves as producers. They saw it as the first of many, many programs. But they have no experience. “

He added: “What is so significant and what is genuinely worrying is that the only projects that will now get the green light from Netflix will be very personal projects about the royal family. The only project they currently have is about Invictus Games, which is a very worthwhile goal, but it’s all about Harry. “

“We also saw Meghan get involved in it at all. She gave a speech at the Games even though she has no formal role with Invictus. So, all future projects will have to be similarly personal, from how Harry coped with grief or something that could be linked to his memoirs, ”Eden continued.

He further said: “It will have to be personal and will have to involve the royal family. It puts them in an awkward position because I don’t think they wanted to, and it will certainly make people very nervous at Buckingham Palace. “

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