Meet Robyn Spodek-Schindler, founder of Paint the Stars Art Therapy LLC

Name: Robyn Spodek-Schindler
home town: Manalapan
Business: Paint the Stars Art Therapy, LLC


The New Jersey Family: Tell us something about your practice and what makes it unique.

Robyn Spodek-Schindler: We are creative art therapists who focus on using art as a means of expressing emotions. One of my favorite things to tell kids when they come in is, “you don’t have to talk.” Only this allows them to lower their caution.

NJF: When did you start the practice and what was your inspiration?

RSS: I started back in October 2011 as the sole therapist, but also the owner. I worked in mental health institutions of big names and I began to feel the burnout that many in my field experience while working for these corporations.

NJF: How can creative expression help children and teenagers overcome their anxiety?

RSS: What we do as art therapists is that when a child comes, we give him specific artistic guidelines that will help remove layers of that anxiety.


NJF: How are you and your practice involved in the community?

RSS: We recently attended an event that brought together teenagers from across Monmouth County. We are currently working with Monmouth Arts to come up with ways we can work together to help more children and families.

NJF: What is your advice to parents who want to support their children’s mental health?

RSS: If your child is brave enough to come to you for help or lets you know they want to see a specialist, don’t dismiss it and don’t wait.

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