Mark Sanchez says the NIL has a USC equal to the SEC teams

Lincoln Riley has been active in using the broadcast portal to renew the USC football program ahead of the 2022 season. Since leaving Oklahoma for Los Angeles, Riley has brought in several prominent players, including former Sooners quarterback Caleb Williams and receivers Mario Williams and Latrell McCutchin.

As the rules on name, image and similarities have given student athletes a greater chance of profit while in school, recent developments have led to speculation that some players have been paid for the transfer. Former USC quarterback Mark Sanchez sees Riley and the Trojans manage to stay equal in this aspect with some of the best programs in the country.

“You can compete with these SEC schools and now we are equal to them,” Sanchez said Herd with Collin Cowherd show. “All these collectives were created so that everyone gets a small part of the action – I don’t know where this ends. These bidding wars… Right now it’s the wild, the wild west. But the USC is giving some money and revealing it. ”

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