Local airlines are closing operations Monday as the Jet-A1 arrives N700 / Liter The Guardian Nigeria News

The unions begin a warning strike Monday

Local airlines yesterday informed the federal government and the general public about a plan to close all scheduled routes indefinitely that will take effect next Monday, May 9, due to the unbearable price of jet fuel currently sold at 700 N / A per liter .

The airlines, under the auspices of Nigeria Airlines (AON), in yesterday’s letter expressed regret over the consequences of the “inevitable” closure for passengers who have already booked a trip.

Similarly, aviation workers ’unions also notified the government of a two-day warning strike in protest of unresolved Terms of Service and unresolved welfare concerns, beginning Monday, May 9th.

AON President Abdulmunaf Yunusa, in a letter backed by nine other airline chiefs, noted that earlier government intervention in the aviation fuel crisis had failed to prevent an imminent shutdown, with the Jet-A1 scaling the N500 / liter benchmark to N700.

Yunusa pointed out that no airline can survive with an astronomical increase in aviation fuel and high operating costs, but it still offers subsidized airline tickets to passengers.

He noted that the price of aviation fuel has risen from 190 N per liter to 700 N in about 12 months. He added: “No airline in the world can absorb this kind of sudden shock from such an astronomical rise in a short period of time. While it is said that aviation fuel worldwide costs about 40 percent of the airline’s operating costs globally, the current increase has reduced Nigeria’s operating costs to about 95 percent.

“Faced with this, airlines have engaged the Federal Government, the National Assembly, the NNPC and oil traders to reduce the price of the Jet-A1 which currently made the unit price per seat for a one-hour flight to Nigeria today to an average of 120,000 N. The latter cannot be fully transferred to passengers, who already have a lot of difficulties.

“While the AON appreciates the efforts of the current government led by President Muhammad Buhari to ensure the growth of air traffic in Nigeria, unfortunately, the price of aviation fuel has continued to rise unabated, creating great pressure on the viability and financial viability of the airline. It is unsustainable and airlines can no longer absorb the pressure.

“To this end, therefore, AON hereby, unfortunately, wishes to inform the general public that member airlines will suspend operations throughout the country with effect from Monday, May 9, 2022, until further notice. The AON regrets the inconvenience this very difficult decision may cause and urges passengers to kindly reconsider their travel plan and make alternative arrangements, ”Yunusa said.

The announcement was backed by Max Air CEO Shehu Wada; President, United Nigeria Airlines, Dr. Obiora Okonkwo; Executive Director Ibom Aira, Captain Mfon Udom; Executive Director Arik Aira, Captain Roy Ilegbodu; his colleague in Aero Contractors, Captain Abdullahi Mahmood; dr. med. Azman Air, Faisal Abdulmunaf; executive director of Overland Airways, Captain Edward Boyo; Dana Air’s Deputy CEO, Sukh Mann, and Air Peace President Allen Onyema.

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