Landlord ‘Big Lebowski’, actor in dozens of films, TV series – rock

Jack Kehler, a character actor who has had supporting roles in dozens of TV shows and movies over four decades, including Dude’s landlord in Great Lebowski, died. He was 75 years old.

Kehler’s son Eddie Kehler told Deadline that his father died Saturday from complications of leukemia at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

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Born May 22, 1946 in Philadelphia, Kehler Sr. studied with Sanford Meisner and Wynn Handman and was a lifelong member of The Actors Studio. He was a regular in the short-lived ABC adventure series McKenna and in Season 2 of ABC The first murder. He repeated himself in such shows as The man in the high castle, ABC sitcom from the mid-2000s I am with her and the 1986 star-studded miniseries Fresno.

He has also guest starred in dozens of popular series ranging from Hill Street Blues, Hunter, Cagney & Lacey, LA Law, Newhart and Sv. Elsewhere 1980s to IS, 24, NYPD blue, Angel, Madmen, monk, Bones and recently Love, Victor.

Kehler in ‘The Big Lebowski’
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By the way, Kehler had dozens of roles on the big screen, including Invincible, Pineapple Express, Love Liza, Fever Pitch, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Lethal Weapon 4, Waterworld, Wyatt Earp, Forces of Nature, Dudley Do-Right, The Last Boy Scout, Point Break (1991), I love you to death, Man in Black II and Year of the Dragon.

For the legion of fanatics of the cult classic of the Coen brothers from 1998 Great LebowskiKehler will be remembered as Marty, Dude’s (Jeff Bridges) stuttering landlord, who first appears to remind his tenant that “tomorrow is already 10”, noting that “the final place I wanted – I perform my dance quintet You know, my cycle? ”

After approximately 30 seconds of screen time, the image returns to the character in the said recital. His dance is partly mimicry, partly ballet, partly slapstick and full Coens – just another example of the characters of the duo who appeared only briefly in their films, but forever in the memory of fans.

Along with his son Eddie, Kehler was survived by his wife Shawn Casey; daughter-in-law, Mari-Anne; and grandson Liam.

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