Krispy Cream staff from South Carolina attacked in a row to choose the taste of the donut

Two Krispy Kreme employees in South Carolina were attacked during a donut selection dispute, according to police.

Police officers from the Spartanburg Police Department (SPD) rushed to the Krispy Kreme store at 354 North Church St. last weekend. after being alerted to reports of an attack at 7:15 p.m., May 1st.

Witnesses told police that a man and a woman were in conflict with an employee in the driveway.

A police report, seen by CBS17, states that the quarrel began when a customer requested donuts that were not available at Krispy Kreme.

Stock image of a police car
Stock image of a police car. Two Krispy Kreme employees in South Carolina were attacked during a donut selection dispute, according to police.

According to the network, the situation escalated and the employee then agreed to fight with the customer if that was what they wanted to do.

A police report adds that the employee went to challenge customers but was brought back inside.

However, customers entered the store and tried to enter behind the counter, but were stopped by a worker and her male colleagues.

The report states that the suspect man pushed the officer to the ground, which caused him to hit his head, CBS17 reports.

The employee then tried to separate the two men because she believed the suspect would continue to attack her colleague.

At this point, the woman who was with the suspect shouted “don’t touch and don’t talk to my man,” the report said. The woman then pushed the employee to the ground, CBS17 reports.

When police arrived, they found that the employee had bruises on the right side of her chin and around her left eye, while the worker had a bump on his head. Both were transferred to a nearby hospital.

The SPD has since said it believes the suspect is Christopher McKoy, while the woman he was with has not been identified.

When Greenville County went to his home, they did not find him or the vehicle he drove to the store. Police are still searching for the suspects.

Newsweek contacted the SPD for comment.

The attack is just the latest case of an attack on employees in the workplace.

Earlier this year, a woman in Georgia was arrested after she allegedly attacked a McDonald’s worker after an argument over her food order.

According to Macon Telegrapha woman attacked an Atlanta branch employee by tugging at her hair and jumping over the counter.

The Dunwoody Police Department said in a Facebook post: “Officers responded to McDonald’s at Perimeter Center West regarding customers who were upset about their food order.

“She then attacked the employee by pulling her hair and jumping over the counter, throwing objects. Police officers responded and arrested the woman. She was then transported to DeKalb County Jail where her evening meal will be much different from a quarter pound of cheese she ordered.”

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