Kendrick Lamar releases new song, ‘The Heart Part 5’

Kendrick Lamar released on Sunday night his first new solo single in almost four years, titled “The Heart Part 5”. The song arrives just days before the long-awaited release of his fifth solo album, “Mr. Moral & the Big Steppers ”13 May.

The video begins with Lamar tailing himself in front of a red screen, but occasionally has the faces of other rappers, and controversial or deceased blacks photograph through his: Kanye West, Will Smith, Kobe Bryant, OJ Simpson, Jussie Smollett and finally Nipsey Hussle.

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The video, directed by Lamar and longtime collaborator Dave Free, begins with a written statement – “I did. All of us, ”attributed to“ Oklama, ”a name Lamar used in his recent enigmatic announcements about the album – which could be interpreted as a statement about the faces placed above his in the video.

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The lyrics flash quickly – check out for in-depth analysis – but the faces seem to have a direct connection to at least some of the lyrics: West appears during a reference to “friendly bipolarity”, Simpson refers to “impenetrable rover”, and Hussle’s takes the form of a long a monologue ending the song, apparently from the perspective of the late LA rapper, who was killed in 2019 and was Lamar’s close friend.

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“For my brother, for my children, I am in paradise … To the murderer who hastened my death: I forgive you, just know that your soul is at stake / I saw the pain in your pupil when the trigger was pressed / And although you were my creepy, I must have been relieved / I finished my mission, I wasn’t ready to leave / But I filled my days, my Creator was pleased … In my neighborhood, let the good win … I can’t blame the hood that day I was killed. ”

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The song begins with a introductory introduction with Lamar thanking “everyone who was down with me, all my fans, all my wonderful fans” before bursting with a quick tail with a jazzy background music that turns into a 70s soul for the chorus.

The song is the last in Lamar’s series called “The Heart” which dates back to 2010.

Lamar revealed the long-awaited “Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers ”album last month. Responding to an earlier tweet from SK that says, “Kendrick Lamar is officially retired,” rap titan responded with a link:, leading to a note that reads:

Oklama released the following statement today through its company pgLang at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time in Los Angeles, CA:

Album: ‘Mr. Moral & the Big Steppers’ Release date: 5/13/2022

All factual information for this issue will come from this source only. ”

Lamar’s last all-night project was the 2017 Grammy-winning “DAMN,” which was released just two days before his Coachella title set, also led to his Pulitzer Prize and made him award-winning at Variety’s Hitmakers inaugural event.

He followed up a year later as a curator and contributing several songs to the “Black Panther” soundtrack, including his duet with SZA, “All the Stars”. In 2021, he appeared on two songs from his cousin Baby Keem’s latest album – “Range Brothers” and Grammy-winning “Family Ties” – although these appearances seemed to only give energy and make his fan base even more impatient.

There were even a few fake alarms, like the madness on social media that was set on fire by his record label TDE last summer, but it turned out to be a joke for Isaiah Rashad’s album. As several fans pointed out on social media, Lamar announced his long-awaited new album via a minimalist fax page similar to the one released by Michael Jordan in March 1995 to announce he was finishing his retirement and returning to the NBA.

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