‘It’s Funny’: Texas Texan Nick Caserio cautiously optimistic about beginner influence

HOUSTON – There are expectations, and then there’s the reality. Somewhere in the middle is where it is Houston Texans’ the draft class enters the minikamp rookie.

Nine potential clients have been selected by the CEO of Texas Nick Caserio during the 2022 draft, and another 10 were signed as unrefined free agents. The start of training will give Houston an early indication of where the prospects are among veterans in terms of athletics and aid.

Caserio, however, looks at the bigger picture.

“Trying to determine what role a rookie will play when it enters a building is ridiculous because they weren’t even here,” Caserio said Monday at the annual Texas Golf Tournament. “We have to start from the beginning when you come into the building, learn from the people in the building who will actually help you become a better professional and player and not worry about things you can’t control.”

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