It looks like the Gotham Knights will feature four players

It seems the Gotham Knights may be expanding their collaboration plans to include four players instead of just two.

This is according to one eagle-eyed fan on Reddit (thanks, PCGN) who noticed that the game list in the PSN Store has been updated and states that it supports “four network players”.

Acute aware that anyone can take a fake screenshot, I took the liberty of checking out the PSN Store list and yes, there’s black and white, although the description itself curiously still says you can play “solo or with each other hero and return to criminal activity wherever you find it. ”

The change makes sense given that you can play as four characters – Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood or Robin – but so far it has been promoted as a joint game for two players, and this difference has some speculation that the four-player mode can differ from the main campaign or with it. We hope to find out more at the Summer Game Fest next month.

Gotham Knights is Batman’s next game: Arkham Origins studio Warner Bros. Montreal, and will be the team’s first full release in more than eight years. It is scheduled to be released on October 25, 2022. The playback test was reportedly added to Steam last month before it was immediately removed – or hidden from public view anyway.

Although there is no trace of it left on Steam – and the announcement on Reddit about the beta version was similarly withdrawn from Reddit because “automatic bots think it could be spam” – the details of the application remain for everyone to see on Steam DB, a website that is not affiliated with Steam, but monitors and shares background information on the PC platform.

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