Husker Athletics News: Graduation Weekend, Kentucky Derby Upheaval, and Ancient Roman Art at Goodwill

It was a prom weekend for a small town where all the Ranchhands went to school. Every year we see young people taking their first steps into the world of adults. I (and most other people) don’t let them know that it sucks to be an adult.

He’ll figure it out soon.

I hope all the mothers in the world of Corn Nation (and everywhere else) had a great Mother’s Day! I have to play in the garden all day. It’s my usual Mother’s Day gift. When the Ranchhands were little people in need and actually wanted to be around me, it was a big undertaking for Ranchdude to keep them all day so I could have some peace outside. Now they are all adults and trying to avoid getting them to work to help me in the garden.

Wait a minute … they’re useful and their Mother’s Day gift could actually be to help me in the garden now. I need to start this new tradition as soon as possible.

The best part of Mother’s Day was that there was very little wind. If you live in Nebraska, you know it’s a really rare day in 2022. The worst part was that I got my first sunburn of the season. How did you all celebrate Mother’s Day?

Frozen flakes

Former administrator of Al Papik University of Nebraska dies
Longtime Nebraska athletic administrator Al Papik passed away peacefully on Saturday morning in Lincoln at the age of 95. Papik served at the University of Nebraska

HuskerOnline – 2024 CB Sanders talks about the latest offer from Huskers
Huskers returns to Bergen Catholic recruiting the talented 2024 DB by Kaj Sanders

Nebraska gets No. 2 seed for Big Ten tournament – University of Nebraska
Nebraska earned 2nd seed for this week’s Big Ten Softball Tournament, and on Thursday they will face winner No. 7 Penn State and 10th Indiana at 10 p.m.

HuskerOnline – Huskers offers 2024 WR Anderson from California
The Huskers have expanded their offer to 2024 explosive athlete Jordan Anderson

The Huskers reject the series final on Sunday
Nebraska fell 3-1 in the series final in Minnesota on Sunday afternoon at Siebert Field in Minneapolis.

Minnesota earned its first win in the Big Ten series in … some time. Sigh.

The end of the series Huskers (softball) Claim with a single that has passed – the University of Nebraska
Mya Felder delivered a single with one base exit and lifted the Nebraska softball team to a 5-4 win over Indiana in the eighth inning.

Huskers Wrap Up Ward Haylett Invitational – University of Nebraska
The Nebraska Athletic Team ended the regular season on Saturday with the Ward Haylett Invitational in Manhattan, Cannes. The Huskers collected five individuals

Sports without Nebraska affiliation

(Spoiler: There are a lot of articles about the Kentucky Derby here)

EXPLANATION: How Rich Strike won the Kentucky Derby with a 81-1 shot AP News
This is not happening. Horses with odds of almost 81-1 don’t win the Kentucky Derby. Jockeys who have never won any high stakes race do not win the Kentucky Derby. Owners with less than 10 career wins do not win the Kentucky Derby.

Sports legacy created Title IX
Seven families discuss the multigenerational, maternal lineages they have built over the 50 years since the passage of Title IX.

As a result, no one saw him coming, Rich Strike’s victory in Kentucky in a derby helps redeem races – Sports Illustrated
Renowned jockeys, owners and exiled coaches have surpassed and surpassed a group of racing non-names who finished a book of stories in Churchill Downs on Saturday.

USFL to take: stallions move to 4-0; Mauleri fall to 0-4
The New Orleans Breakers ended the eventful 4th week of the USFL with a bold call for a winning result; The Stallions improve to 4-0 while the Maulers remain without a win.

Mets coach Eric Chavez says players are proposing to use the balls on national television Bleach Report Latest news, videos and highlights
Say it’s not like that …

Is it so scary that a six-year-old ran a marathon? – InsideHook
A Kentucky kid named Rainier Crawford ran a full 26.2 on the Flying Pig last weekend. People have opinions. We have downloads.

More noise and other interference

“Mama’s Boy” is no longer an insult to a new generation of men: NPR
For eons, the term “mother’s boy” was widely seen as an emasculatory insult. But many men dispute such inherent misogyny and publicly accept their identity as proud “mommy boys”.

Can I hug this tree while I’m naked? Foreigners in Bali find themselves in hot water with Hindus over offensive posts on social media – ABC News
Foreigners in Bali find themselves in hot water with Hindus over offensive posts on social media, including a man who tried Māori Haku on a sacred mountain while naked.

Trader Joe was a real person, the man behind the brand
Trader Joe turned out to be the right guy, and his shrewd instincts led him to create an anti-cultural food empire.

Ncuti Gatwa plays the 14th Doctor Who
The actor becomes the first black man to play the Doctor on TV.

There are certainly other fans of Dr. Whoa in Corn Nation …

A drunken Maine man arrested after trying to hide from police under a blanket: ‘Is this an episode of Scooby-Doo?’ | Fox News
A drunk Maine man has been arrested for unauthorized entry after trying to hide from police under a blanket, authorities said.


Earth tells us to ‘GO’ in a strange message of clouds seen from space Live science
A surprising new photo from the GOES East satellite revealed something that seems like the word “Go” written in the clouds seen from space.

Your “ordinary” article about kaki (plus bonus for kaku)

The effects of aging were reversed by placing young mouse feces in old mice
It sounds like something that could come from a science fiction novel, but it is based on cold, hard, printed research: transplanting fecal microbes from young mice to old mice reverses key signs of aging in the gut, eyes and brain …

License plates approved and rejected in Florida: MCNASTY passed, MR POOP did not
If someone wants to get a personalized license plate from the state of Florida, it’s best to be creative and avoid vulgar words – and don’t try “WANKRR” because it’s already been rejected.

Then There Is This

The find of goodwill in Texas turned out to be an ancient Roman bust AP News
SAN ANTONIO (AP) – A marble bust bought by a Texas woman for about $ 35 at the Goodwill store has been temporarily exhibited at a museum in San Antonio after experts determined it was a century-old sculpture missing in Germany since World War II.

Canada suppresses space crimes in new budget Live science
The Canadian government is considering a measure that will ban Canadian astronauts from committing crimes in space.

Does anyone think that Canadian astronauts would commit a crime on Earth, let alone space?!?

I hope you all have a great week. Happy Monday!

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