How to get 500,000 points in Destiny 2 Guardian Games Strike in the dumbest way possible

Is nothing sacred, not even the spirit of competition? No, no it’s not. This is Destiny, if cheese exists, it will be found, and neither is the Guardian Games.

The main draw of the Guardian Games this year is a playlist that has medal scoring and asks players to devise strategies to achieve the highest possible score. You only need 175,000 for platinum prizes, but there are fun bonuses, such as glitter for whoever has the highest score in the Tower, and a special emblem for the top 10% of all shooters when the event is over.

Well, it all went to hell thanks to a new strategy to achieve any score of 500-600,000 during the strike using the new medal system. This strategy comes from, who else, Cheese Forever, who posted a short video on the tactic. That’s so, so stupid. I like that.

What’s the matter? The main idea is to kill yourself and get medals for more resuscitations that give you more points than killing enemies.

Here are the key components:

  • Reduce rotation with your teammates, because revival medals have a short cooling.
  • Lower your power below 1350 with a level 0 item.
  • Use a ricochet gun to fire bullets from the wall and kill yourself immediately because your power is so low.
  • Make a circle of resuscitation and start collecting points. Measure the time so that you get this great result at the beginning, but finish the strike in about 24 minutes because after that you will not get more points.

Has this already ruined the entire competition by a maximum of 10% points? I mean, probably. Bungie can fix the medal so you can’t do it anymore, but I don’t know how to erase the results that abused the mistake. I mean, maybe I can see everyone’s individual medals for running reach, and do it that way, but who knows. Sounds like you it seems you care about that high score, you can try this in case they don’t delete the results. There is no way you can get such high marks without using some other lesser known form of cheese.

I don’t believe getting such a high grade brings bonuses in terms of actual medals to surrender, but that’s just for the competition itself. The usual performance of this kick in 10-15 minutes where you just … play normally and kill everyone, will almost certainly bring you a platinum of 175,000 for this week’s prizes, so don’t bother with crazy strategies if that’s your main goal.

I will post an update if this is fixed or something.

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