How science and technology will transform life in 2030

BEIJING, May 9, 2022 / PRNewswire / – report on how science and technology will transform life in 2030:

In the next 10-15 years, scientific and technological advances will change the industrial structure and global economic growth, and will profoundly change people’s lives, according to an article published in the Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Article entitled “Visions and scenarios for the development of people and science and technology until 2030.” indicates that the development of science and technology (S&T) will present new trends and characteristics. Scientific and technological progress significantly changes the way of human production and life. On the one hand, it affects all forms of industry and changes the global industrial structure, directing global economic growth. On the other hand, it profoundly changes people’s needs for food, clothing, housing and transport, as well as ways to meet those needs. progress focused on people will become a major theme of the time, “the article reads.

The article describes a human-based vision with the following five aspects: life, work, health, information and security, and outlines some social development trends, visions, specific scenarios and key technology groups.

The authors believe that production activities that meet the needs of food, clothing, housing and transportation will be largely mechanized, automated and intelligent, which will allow people to enjoy life easier and happier.

“The application of new technologies has changed the concept and ways of human life. Growing demands of people for a healthy and comfortable quality of life have led to upgrades of products and services. Entertainment will experience a multi-terminal and diverse trend, and the electronic entertainment industry , in the futuree, energy demand is growing, oil and gas production capacity is improving, renewable energy prices are falling and nuclear energy use is growingMr. Synchronization between the physical man and the virtual man will be challenges, and a virtual man with strong learning ability will challenge the physical man in technology, security, ethics, growth and learning, “the article said.” People will enjoy excellent, practical, affordable, and personalized products and services, use clean and efficient energy and build a beautiful natural environment. Man will coexist with machines to create a suitable and comfortable living environment, ”he continues.

Given the vision of future work, the article points out that human work and work will be mainly focused on the creative field, and the concept focused on people will be embodied as S&T that supports creative activities. He says the connotation of work will be redefined as the relationship between people and work will change.

“In particular, self-employment will be more convenient; outsourcing tasks and freelancers will increase; the work environment will be supported by energy-efficient high-speed data processing. Digital technology will support new industrialization, encourage the development of the Internet of Things and robotic platforms, and set standards and norms for “new forms of industry and work organization. Intellectualization and automation will promote personalized production to become a trend, and a large market scale and market return density will ensure sufficient earnings,” the article reveals. Furthermore, “the trend of online celebrities and the fragmentation of work will give birth to autonomous working methods and intelligent, green and adaptable industrial forms.”

In terms of future human health, the article says that the prevention, control and treatment of human diseases is expected in a timely and effective manner through ubiquitous monitoring and care of physical conditions. Accelerated aging of the population leads to an increasing number of people suffering from chronic and epidemic diseases and an increasing incidence of emerging infectious diseases. Thus, the growing demand for health care brings new opportunities for the development of health services. Advances in medical technology will contribute to a new health care system and improve the quality of life, and life and health may become the leading industry in the future. “As human life expectancy lengthens, an advanced medical system can maximize the independence of healthy aging. With advances in medicine, an accurate incurable disease treatment system, communicable disease prevention system and intelligent human health management system will be built,” the article said. .

The article also believes that informational behaviors and social forms of people will change dramatically, which is reflected in the increasingly rich content, acquisition of knowledge and skills, and current perception and interaction. A large number of devices will be connected to the Internet and generate huge data, and blockchain technology will make the Internet more open and transparent. The development of science and technology will push biological boundaries to improve the cognitive and analytical abilities of human beings, which will promote the updating of the content, ways and forms of education. Learning is no longer necessary for survival, which will gradually erase the boundaries of roles between teachers and students and generalize places of learning knowledge. Social media will continue to change people’s access to information and blur the line between producers and consumers.

How science and technology will transform life in 2030


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