Here’s what we really WANT to see on Google I / O 2022

Google I / O could technically be Google’s annual developer conference – an event that developers can attend to learn how to make the most of what’s new in Google’s latest products and updates – but we also saw it as an event that announces great things . Every year we usually have some idea of ​​what Google might be announcing and we can usually predict at least a good portion of what’s to come.

Derrek’s what to expect from Google I / O 2022 is filled with careful considerations and calculations based on information we know and what has been rumored for months. But here, I throw all caution to the wind because, hell, there are some things that are simple want see and don’t care how realistic my wish list for Google I / O 2022 is. Will any of that be fulfilled? Could be! We’ll have to find out on May 11th.

Pixel clock

Pixel Watch leak

(Image credit: u / tagtech414 on Reddit)

At this point, the Pixel Watch seems to be almost confirmed. The first real-life Pixel Watch images leaked two weeks ago, thanks to a reader who literally found him sitting in a restaurant. It can’t be said if this is the final design of the watch, but it certainly matches the leaked renderings and images we’ve seen on the watch for years. If what we’ve seen is final, now I’m calling it: The Pixel Watch will be the new best Android smartwatch.

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