Forget the new MacBook Pro, Apple has something better

Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air may have broken the rules when they debuted with Apple Silicon, but as WWDC 2022 approaches, many expect to see Apple’s plans for its next laptops. And the good news is that the once-modern design that gambled on Intel’s latest machines will be replaced.

Although the latest consumer notebooks MacBook Air and MacBook Pro introduced in late 2020 came with the new world of Apple Silicon running ARM and redesigned interiors to adapt to new chip requirements (one obvious reason is how to keep everything in order). , These laptops have rightly changed the debate about what a laptop can provide to users.

What laptops haven’t changed are the years of focus that Apple has invested not in the function of the laptop, but in the shape of the laptop. In essence, fashion was for the thin and light, so Apple decided to deliver what the market seems to want, not what the market needs.

The M1 MacBook Air in particular looked tired and outdated, even as it collected comparison results compared to laptops twice the price, but the M1 MacBook Pro suffered the same fate.

This was not the case when Apple made the next move on the macOS laptop. With the launch of the larger 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro machines, Tim Cook and his team rejected the long-standing design and refreshed the MacBook Pro. Larger screens; better keyboards, more ports and better peripheral support are all part of the new look with improved M1 chipsets.

These MacBook Pro laptops were indeed compliant with the Pro label, not only in performance but also in price; these are not cheap laptops at all, and the extra performance offered by the M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets is an excess over the requirements of the regular user. Fortunately, that design language is expected to come in the next generation of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, which should combine a new form and additional functionality for consumers.

For many, their transmitter is a great expression of who they are. While in ten years the M1 MacBooks will be a bit retro-chic, at the moment they just aren’t attractive machines. Apple has a new look ready to go, and this year’s update for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will put more emphasis on functionality.

Pair this with the faster and stronger Apple Silicon and you’ll get a winning combination.

Or you can buy a machine this week and stay stuck with the fashion of the last decade.

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