Five NFL rallies to be held for the 2022 season: Nick Foles and Jaguars; Julio Jones and Matt Ryan

The big waves of NFL free agencies are over, but significant names are still scattered throughout the market. Sometimes, late in the season or late in the career, the best game is the one known. With that in mind, here are five reunions that make sense for the 2022 season, from reuniting Nick Foles with an old friend from the Super Bowl to Julius Jones reuniting with his quarterback:

Nick Foles and Jaguars

Recently released from the Bears, who ran him poorly as an expensive quarterback No. 3, Foles remains top-notch security, has a solid hand, elite leadership and a penchant for appearing off the bench. Even after spending this off-season insanely, the Jaguars can afford to upgrade a spare spot behind Trevor Lawrence, especially considering Foles ’ties to new coach Doug Pederson, his boss during their famous Eagles title fight. Who better to help Lawrence grow up in a QB room?

This one makes too much sense. Jones, 33, is no longer the imposing All-Pro he once was. But he would be a proven model for the other big boys of the Colts, Michael Pittman Jr. and Alec Pierce, while adding depth to a team otherwise created to fight now. Oh, and he spent literally a decade capturing the additions of Ryan, Indy’s new man below the center. Is there a better way to help your former Falcons QB settle in comfortably in their new environment than to take their longtime favorite target with them?

No, he’s not the most irritating name in his position, but the shabby Beasley, replaced by younger, cheaper options in Buffalo, made a name for himself in Dallas. Moreover, it would give Dak Prescott the famous safety valve after the off-season in which the Cowboys said goodbye to both Amari Cooper and Cedrick Wilson Jr. much worse, especially if you want to stay as deep as possible in the attack.

At 33, Houston is no longer a top edge starter – far from the 22-bag machine that once dominated the KC. But he’s still a smart plug-and-play rotary charge, which is exactly what the Chiefs could use in a defensive finale. The selection of the first round of George Karlaftis should start from day one against Frank Clark, but this is the candidate for the title we are talking about; the deeper the stable for passage, the better. Houston recently showed, with the Colts and Ravens, that it can offer something.

Speaking of the older Colts going through the onslaught, the 33-year-old Hughes is coming out of a nine-year streak with the Bills, which followed an incredible three-year start with Indy. The last time he wore white and blue was a disappointment in the first round; now Hughes is one of the most underrated veterinarians in that position. He has never had great numbers in the bags and is now better suited for a rotating role, but behind Yannick Ngakoue and Kwity Paye, he would provide extra security for the Colts in the playoffs.

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