Final Fantasy Tifa Lockhart Resin Statue Does The Jack-O Pose & Thirsty Fans Wild

A fresh trip to the Italian Senate earlier this year, Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII re-creates waves for the wrong reasons on the internet – this time in the form of an imitation of a 1/4 scale Tife Lockhart figurine performing a suggestive Jack-O pose.

The Jack-O pose, like many of our dumbest moments on the internet, was briefly viral in 2021 with people actually trying to emulate that position. It is a pose made by a Guilty Gear a character named Jack-O ’Valentine and has been the subject of memes for several years. It’s obviously a very suggestive pose and, given how thirsty fandom Tife Lockhart is, it’s pretty amazing how this statue hasn’t been made before.

Now, the 100% resin statue is not from any officially licensed source. In the marketing text, the name is misspelled, and even inserted somewhere ‘EA Studio’ who knows why. He even uses the Final Fantasy VII Remake logo.

But thirsty fans probably don’t care. For $ 580 you can own the dressed version you see above. But why stop there when you can go all the way. For just $ 784, you’ll get two more replaceable bodies – a naked body and a naked body in a combat suit.

The price is certainly not the killer $ 12,000 FFVI Terra statue that Square Enix hopes to squeeze out of you. But if you’ve been online, you’ll know that you can quench your thirst for Tif with a little Google-fu. Just like lovers The ultimate fantasy I can certainly appreciate these safe to work images of Cloud Strife cosplayer for free.

On the other hand, there is a figurine of Asuke Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion doing the Jack-O pose. But why without hype, why? The internet is weird.

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