Film and TV crews can remove the masks according to the updated COVID rules

Film and TV workers will finally be able to take off their masks as pop unions and studios have agreed to soften Covid industry protocols.

Loose regulations will also mean less frequent testing during production, although workers will still need to be tested before starting a new job.

Protocols in the COVID industry were due to expire on April 30, but were extended by a week as studies and unions continued to negotiate changes. The relaxed rules on masks and testing only apply in areas with a low number of hospital admissions for COVID-19 – meaning that the rules could be re-imposed if hospitalizations increase. Employers also have the power to require camouflage and increase the frequency of testing if circumstances change.

The update marks the biggest protocol change since they were first enacted in September 2020. The studies negotiated an agreement with SAG-AFTRA, Teamsters and other Basic Crafts, the International Federation of Theater Workers and the Guild of American Directors. The latest agreement will be in force at least until July 15th.

Vaccine rules remain unchanged, as employers still have the authority to issue vaccines and supplementary injections, but only in “zone A”. The zone applies to actors and other workers on the set, plus those who come into contact with the actors – like makeup artists. There is no vaccine mandate for workers outside zone A.

Masks will still be needed in vans, but “will not be needed in most environments,” the union said in a statement. Workers in zones A and B will still need to be tested weekly, but workers in zones C and D will not have to be tested after pre-employment testing.

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