FFXIV Mod Drama could spur official HUD upgrades, the director says

A stern-looking figure, like a pope, with an incredibly long, white beard.

Screenshot: Square Enix

As part of a bigger blog repetitive Final Fantasy XIV Due to the team’s disapproval of the mods after their proliferation in high-profile attack, producer and director Naoki Yoshida has promised to improve HUD’s massively popular games to suit the functionality of these unofficial tools.

“We believe that people use [mods] expand the HUD and show more information because they believe that the existing functions are insufficient to solve top duties, ”Yoshida wrote. “Recognizing this, we intend to revise the most prominent tools, and to discourage their use, seek to improve the functionality of HUD. Although it will take some time, we are determined to do so – not just for the benefit of those who play on consoles. “

Final Fantasy XIV mods have long occupied the gray zone in terms of legality. Although the terms of the game service prohibit “third-party tools,” Square Enix tends to look the other way until people openly use them. This allows players to reinforce themselves Final Fantasy XIVa medium visual display as well as an extension of the information provided by the HUD, as seen during the recent race for complete your last ultimate attackReplay of the Dragon Song.

When a Red Magician player on the first team to finish Dragonsong’s Reprise released POV footage of the achievement, some in Final Fantasy XIV the community has criticized the High Level Raider for using the modifications. Video, which is from then on taken from YouTube by claiming Copyright Enix’s copyright, it showed several unofficial additions in effect, including overlaps that expanded HUD with information about bosses and teammates that the game doesn’t normally provide.

However, another video from the Monk team without visible add-ons to improve performance stays up. my box contacted Square Enix regarding the removal of the Red Mage video, but did not respond immediately.

With so many follow-up events (including Square Enix itself), Yoshida obviously felt the need to repeat Final Fantasy XIV the wishes of the team when it comes to these third party tools.

“Not to mention that we are aware of world races for top duties,” Yoshida said. “As developers, we are proud to have grown into one of the few games to host them, and we are thrilled to see so many players participating and watching with great interest. But the race should be fair, and it is our sincere wish that participants do not use third-party tools. Indeed, we have only published duties that we have proven to be able to surpass the standard features of the game. ”

Yoshida added that Square Enix could stop congratulating the teams that won the races through official channels if this public recognition “encourages excessive competition and controversy to the extent that players resort to third-party tools”.

Any level of competition will inevitably encourage competitors to seek advantages over their opponents, especially when those advantages are so widespread. Lance Armstrong, for example, may have become the face of a doping scandal in professional cycling, but far from being the only person to do so. It could be said that modifications are needed for almost any serious group hoping to win one of them Final Fantasy XIV races because only restraint would put them at a disadvantage.

In any case, the situation is clearly reaching a boiling point. Recent public outcry, justified or not, means Final Fantasy XIV mods can no longer exist in the pleasant gray zone they have occupied in recent years, at least as far as the first world events are concerned. Fortunately, it seems like Yoshida and his team see this moment as an opportunity for introspection and improvement, not as direct condemnation.

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