Fairfield students exhibit art at the Carroll Valley Office Local news

From dark chamber photography to monster sculptures, there’s something for everyone at the first Fairfield Area Middle and High School art exhibition, which runs through May 31 at the Carroll Valley Borough office.

“We have some unique pieces to expose to the community,” Fairfield Area graduate Honey Strosnider said. “We’re a small neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean good artists can’t get out of here and show their work.”

Approximately 150 pieces are on display, including media such as darkroom photography, digital photography, oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, clay, fiber and sculpture, said Erica Werntz, a high school art teacher and advisor to the National Society of Honor.

“Every medium you can think of is on display,” Werntz said.

The Fairfield Area School District had previously held an evening of fine arts, but “there wasn’t a lot of traffic,” Werntz said.

After collaborating with another teacher, they came up with the idea to organize an art exhibition off campus. They were looking for a place that would allow students to exhibit works longer than the weekend, and Carroll Valley’s office, 5685 Fairfield Road, responded to the request and could host the exhibition for a month, Werntz said.

“There’s going to be more traffic here in town,” Werntz said.

Strosnider, who is president of the National Society of Honor, helped Werntz set up the exhibition.

“It’s an opportunity for the community to see what we’ve been doing,” Strossnider said. “It’s nice that all our parents and community members come to see it.”

Strosnider said art has always been a fun hobby for her.

“It gave me a chance to get rid of stress from other lectures,” Strosnider said.

The exhibition will feature Strosnider’s 3-D paper mache piece that includes the word “Purpose”.

“I tried to reflect the sunset on it. It was a fun piece, “said Strosnider.

The exhibition also includes works of art by monsters drawn by freshmen, Werntz said. Werntz’s 3-D art, which has sophomores, juniors and seniors, uses monster drawings, reviving them from clay.

Eighteen monster sculptures with original artwork by first-graders are on display, Werntz said.

“First graders are surprised and can keep the sculptures at the end of the year,” Werntz said.

Werntz said she hopes to hold the Fairfield Area Middle and High School art exhibition every year.

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