‘F1 22’ has been redesigned to fit into the new era of Formula 1

For the 2022 season, Formula 1 has entered a new era. The Sport has unveiled new car specifications for this year, along with a new set of regulations governing how it can be used. There is a new track in the United States, as well as a continuation of the sprint race format which is still in its infancy. Major changes for teams at the start of the season prompted EA-owned Codemasters to redesign the latest entry in the F1 series of games to fit real-life updates on the track.

As studios usually do for games like this, Codemasters promotes F1 22 as the “biggest overhaul” of the title in years. And with the debut of the new generation car, it’s not hyperbole. Specifically, the company says handling is “better than ever” with an upgrade to the aerodynamics and suspension simulation, plus tire changes to real-life regulations. Codemasters says he has been in contact with both F1 and teams about how the new generation of cars will be driven so he can completely overhaul the mechanics and physics of the game to reflect IRL racing.

In an effort to make the game more realistic, Codemasters has replaced the voice of a race engineer on your team with Marc Preistley, a former member of McLaren Racing’s F1 crew. The studio even went so far as to record Preistley’s guidance via Formula 1 headphones to make the sound as authentic as possible. Further race day changes include the Formation Lap and the AR-guided network. Boxing stops have been updated for real-life speed and there is a pit box entry mechanics that affect the effectiveness of your stop.

Exercises now include AR projection on the track to help experienced drivers improve their lines and beginners to learn the tracks. Moreover, both Formation Lap and safety car sequences give you the opportunity to actively participate or watch a cinematic version of the process that is more like broadcasting. Codemasters says this gives users who crave authenticity the ability to go through every move of the race, but also offers more casual players a choice of something more relaxed. Apartments are another area where things can be as active as you want. You can manually hit your pit box using a timekeeping mechanic or watch from a TV style perspective.

F1 22

EA / Codemasters

For starters there is a new feature of Adaptive AI. Codemasters says this is made for users who are fans of F1, but may not yet be skilled in racing games. Essentially, the artificial intelligence game plays closer to the user, so even a novice driver can take part in the race instead of struggling to keep up with the pack. There are two levels of Adaptive AI: a standard and more aggressive mode that slows down the game even more.

F1 22 it will also add the sprint race format adopted by Formula 1 for selected 2021 weekends and which has continued this season. A short dash determines the starting net for Sunday’s Grand Prix on these tracks, not in traditional qualifiers (quali is used to set up a sprint net). The sprint races will be part of the season in Imola, Austria and Brazil, and are part of the game in those locations as well. F1 has added a second U.S. race to Miami this year, and that circuit will also be in play. Codemasters has made changes in Australia, Spain and Abu Dhabi in line with updates to actual tracks that better suit new cars.

There are changes for both career or My team. First, you can choose between three entry levels: newcomer, middle challenger, or title candidate. You can start with a team that already has established operations and a great driver, or you can make things even more challenging. There are things like the possibility of skipping interviews or not resolving facility issues, issues that real team bosses face that can affect how your season goes if you don’t resolve them properly.

F1 22

EA / Codemasters

You already had the ability to customize your livery in My Team, but Codemasters has expanded this area. There are several finishes for the car (gloss, metallic, matte, satin) and there are more places on the car that can be changed. The interface updates here allow you to copy and paste livery color schemes in places like your engineering plant to have a cohesive identity for your team.

With F1 Life, the new central hub of the game, you can see supercars that you unlock from gaming (which can be driven in secondary game modes), browse your trophy case, and customize your driver’s style. Here is a closet where you can update both casual and racing clothes – all the way down to helmets and gloves. F1 Life also serves as a multi-player racing lobby, where your driver and his personal style will show up for all to see. You even have the option to customize your “space” or living room where furniture, lighting, art and more can be replaced as you see fit.

Finally, there is the VR component for the PC. With this mode of play you will be able to race from the driver’s perspective, watching the whole race from the cockpit. If you’ve ever seen a driver’s camera during a race, it should give you a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect here. You can still compete with friends even if they don’t have a VR headset because online play is still available for players who opt for a more extensive virtual reality option.

F1 22 will be available on June 28 as the Digital Champions Edition on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC (Epic, Origin and Steam). The “regular” version follows on July 1st.

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