Elon Musk’s 9-minute flight provokes a debate about the carbon footprint of the super-rich

Elon Musk, or Elon Musk’s flight, came under the radar because it took off on a nine-minute journey. Jack Sweeney, who is tracking Musk’s flight via an ‘Elon Jet’ account, has released an update showing how the plane ends its journey between San Jose and San Francisco. That opened the debate on the billionaires’ carbon footprints.

“Landed in San Francisco, California, USA. Apx. flt. time 9 minutes. “

Followers tried to determine the impact of the small trip on the environment.

“You should estimate the carbon emissions for each flight and include them in tweets.”

“How do the super-rich get such crazy carbon footprints? Like this. “

“Elon is selling Tesla as an ‘eco-friendly’ company, meanwhile using its jet to move this short distance polluting more than I will do with my car in a year. Wow what a hero.”

“Everyone keep using those metal straws and reusable bags! we are all together in this. “

“Saving the planet.” It probably burned more emissions in 9 minutes than 100 ICE vehicles a year. “

“Still, guys, don’t forget to turn off the lights in your houses!”

“Yes, it was worth a few square miles of rainforest.”

“Rich people and corporations will tell you that you need to change your lifestyle to help the environment, and then they will fly for 10 minutes just because they can.”

Earlier this year, Elon Musk reportedly blocked Jack Sweeney, who created a Twitter bot that tracks Musk’s private Gulfstream aircraft and publishes real-time updates of his location from publicly available data. According to The Guardian, while Musk offered Sweeney $ 5,000 to delete the @ElonJet bot, Sweeney asked for $ 50,000. Musk refused to pay and has now blocked Sweeney on the micro-blogging page. The billionaire approached the 19-year-old last November to express concern about the bot. Musk offered Sweeney $ 5,000 to stop tweeting about his planes. However, Sweeney turned down Musk’s offer and instead asked for $ 50,000, saying the amount would cover his college fees and help him buy a Tesla car.

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