Elon Musk dismissed rumors of Donald Trump convincing him to buy Twitter

Elon Musk is already dealing with serious accusations that he is part of the conservative side and a good friend of a lot of republicans. It has happened recently article in which they portray Elon Musk as one of Donald Trump’s good friends. They reportedly reported that the former president of the United States convinced the technology billionaire to buy Twitter to bring it back into the mainstream.

Just months before he lost the last U.S. presidential election, Trump was banned from Twitter because he encouraged violence among his supporters. In a statement made by representative Devin Nunes, he openly said that Trump quietly suggested Elon to buy the platform.

The New York Post published an article about the alleged Trump influence, to which Elon Musk did not respond for long. Currently, the tech bolionist is trying to do everything in his power to put out as many fires as possible from many open fronts.

When it is not the SEC, many media with sensationalist tendencies are doing everything they can to go after Elon Musk. In recent days, Elon responded to this article from the New York Post by saying, “This is a lie. I have had no communication, directly or indirectly, with Trump, who has publicly stated that he will be exclusively on Truth Social.”

Will Donald Trump ever return to Twitter?

Ever since he was denied access to the platform, Donald Trump has embarked on a mission to create his own social media platform. Thus was born Truth Social and was incredibly successful for conservatives, Republicans, National Socialists and any other person who fits that kind of ideology.

Trump has always responded to the need for people to support polarizing ideas that can sometimes represent a retrograde and opposite aspect of democracy. If Musk claims to support democracy, he must be against everything Donald Trump represents. Law?

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