Elizabeth Olsen had Cameo during Benedict Cumberbatch’s SNL episode

Dream Screenplay: host Elizabeth Olsen SNL

One of the highlights of the evening was “The Understudy,” a pre-recorded sketch in which Chloe Fineman showed her place on impressions of her colleague SNL cast members.


The assumption was that Chloe was so good at impressions that she could meet any woman SNL members of the cast at the time.

Chloe didn’t mind using her power of impression to cheat, which she proved by stepping into Benedict’s wardrobe as Elizabeth Olsen in her Scarlet Witch costume.

Who should enter at that moment, except the Scarlet Witch, Elizabeth Olsen!


I dare you to close your eyes and try to tell who is talking while Chloe and Elizabeth are exchanging. Chloe may be a witch herself, because she sounds IDENTICAL.

Benedict was understandably confused and came to the only possible conclusion.

We hope the host will be Elizabeth Olsen SNL soon, and Chloe can show her impression again. In the meantime, you can watch the whole sketch here!

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