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Photos sent Bird scooters are shown in the company’s promotional photos, provided by the Dunkirk City Planning Department. The city and Bird agreed to establish a scooter-sharing sharing program.

The city of Dunkirk will receive scooters to share the ride.

Bird, an electric vehicle company that runs similar programs in many other cities, offers scooters. The Dunkirk Joint Council last week approved a memorandum of understanding with the company.

Scooters will be set up in various locations around the city, and users will receive an access app, says Vince DeJoy, the city’s director of planning and development.

“I can’t move them, I can’t carry them without going through the app,” He said. “There is a fee of $ 1 per ride plus an additional fee per mile. The city gets a small part of that. ” Operators must have a driver’s license and be at least 21 years old.

When the driver finishes, the person must take a photo of the scooter and download it to the app to prove that it has been returned. “The company comes and takes them and puts them in strategic places,” said DeJoy.

“We can set up geo-fences, so to speak, so if there are areas that the police think are unsafe or that would violate vehicle and traffic laws for these types of scooters, they would not be available to ride.”

City officials will not allow scooters on Lake Shore Drive, but they can go bike trails. DeJoy said it will mostly be located around the waterfront.

“These bird scooters are mostly seen in many tourist areas, along the shores of oceans and lakes,” said DeJoy. He said the cities of Olean and Oswego have them, and their officials have given the program high marks.

Police Chief David Ortolano said his main concern was how the scooters would be returned and returned. “As Vince said, we can limit the area via GPS where they can be controlled, we can limit the working time … they will lock automatically when they are finished and they are very heavy so they should not be very easy to take anywhere that anyone would steal them, we hope. ”

Ortolano said scooters would be very good to use on the coast, but could also be useful on Central Avenue.

“It’s a good idea to try, we can always change that if we want … we have complete control over the whole operation and we can make it what we want. So I think this summer we will try and see what happens, ” said Ortolano.

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