David Letterman is having fun on Dave Chappelle’s Hollywood Bowl Attack – The Hollywood Reporter

David Letterman took to the stage for the Netflix Is a Joke Festival event on Friday and seemed to be responding to the recent attack on Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl.

Letterman hosted a live comedy show from the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles which also featured fellow comics Rosebud Baker, Phil Wang and Sam Morril. Early in the evening, the longtime late-night CBS star thanked the audience for coming, then apparently commented on the attack on Chappelle on Tuesday night at another Netflix Is a Joke event.

On Saturday, Netflix shared a video of Letterman’s show via social media, and a streaming video service titled “David Letterman on the Dave Chappelle Incident,” though the clip didn’t include his mention of Chappelle by name.

In the video, the 75-year-old star can be seen adjusting his glasses, suddenly scared and running to the side of the stage. After recovering, Letterman added, “I’m sorry – I thought I saw the guy coming here.” Then he pretended to listen to someone in the audience and said, “It’s just a waiter? I’m sorry. It was just a little alarming – you know what I mean? ”

Letterman went on to say, “Out of respect for the people who come here, let me just say this: when the show is over, I’ll be in the lobby, and if anyone wants to come and beat me up, by God, let them come out.” Then he pretended to ask for a show of hands as he asked, “How many of you would like to hit me now?”

Chappelle was performing on Tuesday when a man took to the stage, knocking him to the ground and pointing a replica of a firearm at a comedian, according to Los Angeles police. The suspect, later identified as Isaiah Lee, 23, was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a deadly weapon. After the LA District Attorney’s Office announced Thursday that it had refused to prosecute, the LA City Attorney’s Office filed four misdemeanor charges against Lee.

During a secret shoot at the Comedy Store late Thursday, Chappelle referred to the incident, which came a day after his spokesman said the star would not allow the attack to “overshadow the magic” of his Hollywood Bowl shows.

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