“Danger!” results: Super-champions prestige the host issue

“Danger!” Matteo Roach’s run of 24 games ended on Friday night, ending a historic run of “super champions”.

Why it matters: The recent series of the new “Jeopardy!” the stars come after last summer’s host drama starring Mike Richards, a former executive producer of “Jeopardy!” elected the new host of the show before the sudden release.

What they say: ‘It really allowed people to fall in love with’ Jeopardy! ‘ again and forget about what happened to focus on all these amazing contestants, ”Andy Saunders, who runs thejeopardyfan.com website, told the AP.

  • Saunders said viewers bond with the characters after watching the players night after night. And the viewership of the show has also increased, reports AP.

Flashback: Richards, the executive producer who led the search for a new host after the death of previous host Alex Trebek, was announced as co-host of the show alongside Mayima Bialika on August 11, 2021.

  • The Ringer report found that Richards used “offensive language” and negative remarks about women’s bodies on the podcast.
  • Richards resigned shortly after the report.

Big picture: “Danger!” he still hasn’t nailed his new host, relying on both Bialika and “Jeopardy!” record holder Ken Jennings who will lead the show through its 38th season, according to Deadline.

  • Bialik was originally selected as the new prime-time show host and spinoff show for “Jeopardy!” after Richards ’exit.
  • Maurer, who beat Roach, will now try to extend her winning streak, continuing a string of super champions as the show seeks its new host.

Since then, three contestants – Roach, Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio – all had winning streaks that were among the top five winning streaks on the show, according to The Associated Press.

By numbers: Roach’s series ended in 24 games after losing on Friday night, according to the AP, but she became the youngest big winner on the show.

  • Amodio recorded 38 consecutive victories.
  • Schneider’s historic streak ended in 40 games. She became the first woman to win a million dollars in the game and the first transgender contestant to qualify for the Champions Tournament.
  • Jennings still holds the record for a string of his 74-win series in 2004.

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