Cycology: from a work of art to a bicycle set

Cycology, a dedicated team of wife and husband that has become a global cycling brand, offers a striking cycling kit guided by a design that does not compromise technical performance.

What began as a design project for a fashion brand run by a passionate cyclist has evolved over the past decade and is now the choice of many style-conscious riders around the world.

A decade of cyclology

Cycology has started producing fun casual t-shirts with a cycling theme.

Since the humble beginnings of 2012 with a dozen t-shirt designs, increasing customer requests have led Cycology to produce a technical bike kit.

From the beginning, Cycology aligned itself with the factory team that the brand still uses today – a team that was so excited about Cycology’s offering that they offered small batches of products as a passionate project to launch.

Rewind a decade ahead and a wide selection of cyclology kits is available, from road cycling clothing to printed steering wheel straps, saddle bags and mountain biking clothing, all with a proudly original design. The brand is now distributed internationally outside its home in Australia to Europe and North America.

From canvas to set

Sarina is designing her latest work of art in cyclology in the studio.

Durable cyclist, runner, triathlete and former commercial artist Sarina Tomchin is the person behind the unique design that sets Cycology apart from other equipment brands.

“I find inspiration everywhere,” Sarina explains. “When I ride a bike, there is constant stimulation and ideas. Because of Covid, I’ve ridden a lot and I have plenty of time to think about how you feel on the bike: happy, cheerful, fit, healthy and motivated. ”

Group rides often result in conversations leading to ideas for Sarina, as well as listening to music and enjoying poetry, art, books and newspaper headlines. The designs have even emerged from customer requirements, and the brand’s loyal fan base offers some new concepts.

“I recently did artwork for the David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and Motown jersey,” Sarina reveals. “In my studio, I have an almost finished work of art based on poetry, graffiti and sketches from one of my many notebooks in lead and red pencil.”

Sarina and her husband Michael started Cycology to share the thoughts, emotions and feelings experienced by cyclists, runners and triathletes. “Through works of art,” explains Sarina, “we try to show these thoughts, emotions and mantras we live by, hoping to resonate with our potential customers.”

Where most modern kits are designed digitally, Sarina deals with her ideas on paper and canvas, with a true multimedia approach that includes pen, paint and oil.

Upon completion, Sarah’s hand-drawn designs are photographed and placed on digital clothing templates in Adobe Photoshop. Large format files are then sent to the Cycology factory to produce a series of samples.

The sample set is then worn and washed by a team of wear testers to make sure they meet the high standards of the brand, and all changes are made before final production.

Fashion and function

Designer Sarina uses a multimedia approach to her artwork.

In addition to creating original works of art, Sarina makes good use of her background in textiles and pattern making during the design process.

“Fabrics and technology [Cycology uses] they have always been very important to me and we try very hard to make our fabrics so good that you don’t have to ‘feel’ them while wearing them, ”says Sarina.

“We want soft, lightweight sweat-absorbent fabrics that stretch in all directions and we’ve also tried, wherever possible, to be environmentally friendly.”

In addition to the choice of materials, safety features are also paramount for Sarina, with high visibility and reflective elements woven into the design of each product, and bright, fluoro colors that strongly appear throughout the range.

“I want to be seen for miles on my bike, whether it’s dark or light,” says Sarina.

“Too many friends were hit, maimed or killed by drivers, which is why I painted ‘Look at me’ with tears. I never intended to make a set out of it, but a customer asked us to make a work of art in a jersey.

“At the time, I didn’t think it could work, but it did. I love wearing it and it is one of our best sellers. Pure emotion, pure color. ”

Cycology offers a wide range of kits and designs for men and women, with artwork and cuts tailored to everyone. Goal? Make cycling a more comfortable and modern sport, encouraging more women who want to look and feel good on bikes.

Sustainability is also a key factor in design, and the team procures recycled fabrics as well as recycling as much as possible in-house.

“Personally, we also work as much as we can, we only eat plants, we recycle crazy, we repair, we repair, we compost, we reuse,” says Sarina. “Every little thing we can do helps the planet we love and we ride whenever and wherever we can.”

Cyclology range overview

From complete road bike kits to more track-oriented pieces, a range of accessories and casual wear, it offers you plenty to enjoy in the Cycology range.

Frida gloves with short fingers

Frida cycling gloves with short toes.

  • 20 £ / 24.90 € / 24.95 $ / 34.95 AUD

Who said matchy-matchy has to stop at extras? Available in an impressive range of designs, Cycology short-toed cycling gloves feature foam-coated palms with a silicone finish that gives you comfort and control on the bike.

For colder weather, consider fleece-lined and wind-resistant winter cycling gloves on offer.

Road cycling jerseys

Two Cycology’s lively road bike jerseys.

  • From £ 70 / € 84.90 / $ 99.95 / AU $ 129.95

Choose from a standard performance cut, an aerodynamic figure-fitting race suit and more casual relaxed-cut jerseys on offer from Cycology, with countless designs for men’s and women’s cuts.

There are also long-sleeved jerseys and winter windproof jerseys for comfort during the winter months.

Bicycle socks

See Me cycling socks from Cycology.

  • 15 £ / 16.90 € / 16.95 $ / 24.95 AUD

We cyclists love a pair of fun socks, and there are also printed, reflective and simpler options from Cycology. All measure 18 inches from the ankle, which is a popular length among riders, and print socks use light compression to keep them in place while riding.

Mountain biking jerseys

Several Cycology MTB jersey designs on offer.

  • From £ 40 / € 44.90 / $ 49.95 / AU $ 69.95

Why save an entertainment kit just for the trip? Cycology has recently branched out into more relaxed off-road jerseys, with short- and long-sleeved options for your favorite MTB and pebble rides.

Lightweight mesh material that absorbs sweat is used for mountain biking jerseys to keep you cool and fresh during chopping, whether it’s a local cross-country loop, an enduro race or a simple run on trails with friends.

Casual t-shirts

There are a huge number of different t-shirt designs, including this Road Trip t-shirt.

  • 22 £ / 26.90 € / 24.95 $ / 39.95 AUD

Share your love of everything on a bike with the Cycology line of soft combed cotton t-shirts with original artwork. Road, mountain bike or triathlon: there is something for everyone.

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