Curina rents an original Banksy artwork

Owning an original Banksy artwork can be difficult – if it doesn’t cost millions of dollars, it could self-destruct and dismember just as you close the auction business.

Luckily, now you don’t really have to be a millionaire or an auction expert to display the original Banksy in your own home. NYC-based art rental company Curina is on Banksy’s list of works from the artist’s 2003 exhibition “Turf War,” and all you need to secure the work is a willingness to pay $ 6,000 a month for at least three months. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s not bad when it comes to fine art.

You can imagine Curin as the art world of Rent the Runway. Although the company also sells works of art, it also offers enthusiasts the opportunity to rent them out. More than 1,500 original works of art – from paintings to photographs and even sculptures – are available on the Curina website, and customers can choose whether to buy or rent them. Unlike other works available, Banksy’s artwork will not be available for purchase at the request of the artist’s office.

From tomorrow, customers will be able to register via the Curina website and rent the famous monkey shop window from the “Turf War” exhibition. Originally, the window showing the spray-painted monkey was part of a police van, which was to be destroyed by an art collective after the exhibition. In the end, the van did not end up destroyed, and soon after it was abandoned on an industrial estate in East London. The current owner found it and, wanting to save and preserve it, he kept the hanging window for almost 20 years – until now.

“When I started Curina, I never dreamed we would have the opportunity to make an important Banksy work available for rent,” Mio Asatani, founder and CEO of Curina, said in a statement. “While the work is quite expensive than the rest of our art, Banksy’s ethos of removing art from museum and gallery walls and bringing it directly to people is largely in line with our primary goal of making fine art accessible to everyone.”

Curina will rent the artwork on behalf of the anonymous owner, and Banksy fans who want to rent it can do so by visiting Curina’s website and applying for the opportunity to be selected. The selection will be made on a first-come, first-served basis and customers will be subject to a verification process.

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