COVID-19 data update: Texas Medical Center announces it has submitted its latest update

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – After two years, the Texas Medical Center announced that it gave its latest update to COVID-19 data on the dashboard on Monday.

“With advances in treatment and successes in vaccination, we are now able to effectively manage the virus in our community. On Monday, May 9, TMC will announce the final set of dashboards to conclude this joint effort. We thank all teams in TMC member institutions. and who have been providing this data for more than two years, ”TMC said on its website.

In the latest data set, TMC reported an average of 645 new cases reported daily during the week of May 2, compared to 377 in the previous week. Daily hospitalizations were reduced to 59 cases compared to 62 cases the previous week.

“I don’t think anyone is ready to raise the flag (saying) we won. We’re done. (Or) this is over.” Roberta Schwartz, executive vice president of Methodist Hospital in Houston, said. “What I would tell you is that we are currently in a lull. There aren’t a lot of people watching the dashboard when you’re in a period of stable weather.”

The combined positivity rate for Houston and Harris counties is 5%.

“The reason some of the effort is focused on other things is that we are currently recording lower disease severity, fewer hospitalizations and deaths,” said Dr. Ericka Brown, interim local health administration at Harris County Public Health. . “We believe that for our state or our county I hate to use the word relax, but we can reduce some of our efforts.”

Brown said they still see people looking for tests at their locations and vaccines. She said many people who wanted the footage were hesitant at first and wanted to see how honest others would be.

She attributes the vaccination to a lower hospitalization rate, a tolerable number of positive cases, and major events, such as the Houston Rodeo, that did not cause a sudden increase in the community.

“We haven’t seen a rodeo jump and we’re very, very excited about it,” Brown said. “I can’t stress enough, I know I keep saying that, it had a lot to do with our vaccination rates and the efforts everyone made to keep our community safe.”

But despite what might seem like a big step by TMC to stop updating its dashboards for COVID, Schwartz said the virus is not enough to be considered another common disease.

“The only thing I’ve learned about COVID is to try not to predict entirely based on what’s happening today, what’s going to happen next month,” Schwartz said. “Every time I think we’re going to be calm until the fall, there’s a new wave or a new variant. I don’t think we’re in a state where we have the flu season or we don’t have the flu season yet.”

Those hoping to continue tracking numbers for Houston and Harris County can follow the latest data on their combined dashboard.

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