Chrishell Stause jokes about going out on social media

Photo: Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images for Netflix

Being half of a high-profile couple is nothing new for Chrishell Stause, who was previously married to This is us star Justin Hartley before she started a relationship with her boss /I’m selling a sunset colleague Jason Oppenheim. But being in a public queer relationship is. Last week, Chrishell announced that he was dating G Flip, a non-binary musician who uses the pronouns they / them, in the fifth season I’m selling a sunset reunion, and while she’s ready to hear some negative reactions, the reality star also seems to be enjoying posting her new link on social media.

As Chrishell told reunion leader Tan France, she met G Flip on the set of an Australian rocker’s upcoming music video, and “G has definitely taken the first step.” And they’ve been seeing each other for a while. To be clear, Stause did not technically label her sexuality in one way or another. “I think I was probably surprised like everyone else, just because nothing has changed for me. I am still very attracted to male energy and a good man “, she said at the gathering. Adding that she was not someone who knew their sexuality from a young age, she continued: “I am simply very open to good energy. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but it’s a complicated question to talk about. ” As for how the audience would react, he knows there will be fans who won’t be happy about this new development, but he doesn’t care about pleasing people. “I’m so happy, so if it makes someone angry, then it’s not really my problem.”

And when she says it’s not her problem, she means it. As her activity on social media suggests, she won’t let trolls spoil her fun. “Okay, guys update the closet,” she said in Instagram story loaded on Saturday, May 7, the day after the premiere of the reunion. Standing in a white bikini, Chrishell showed off her wardrobe under construction. “Oh, yes, it’s coming,” she said after a short tour, returning the camera to her. “Okay, I’ll get out of it now.” (She even added emoji winking to the video, in case you didn’t understand its double meaning.)

Then on Sunday, in celebration of Mother’s Day, she posted footage of her colleague Maya Vander’s shocked and confused reaction to the news of her relationship. “I realize how many people didn’t know you could adopt children on your own,” she wrote in the photo, recalling an already viral reaction. (Don’t worry, she had Maya’s permission to publish the meme, writing in the caption that Vander was a “beautiful supporting mom.”)

Of course, the meme was not just a comment on a viral momentit was also a response to those online who have criticized Chrishell for going out with G Flip, claiming it was somehow inconsistent with his decision to break up with Jason because he didn’t want kids. “I know many of you are confused. But what is important is that I did not, “she added in the title. “Thanks to the wonderful open minds who showed support. I want to hug you.”

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