CBS Sports isn’t sure about Buffalo Bills rookie from second round James Cook

The Buffalo Bills chose Georgia quarterback James Cook as their second-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Most of them consider it appropriate, but CBS Sports is in no hurry to call it a successful choice. In fact, the Buffalo outlet gave a solid overall ‘B’ rating for their 2022 fighter boat, however, Cook was declared their worst choice.

Here’s how draft analyst Pete Prisco puts it:

Worst Choice: I like James Cook in the second round, but is he much different from Devin Singletary? Why not a bigger quarterback who can run between interventions?

While Singletary and Cook could potentially be similar in terms of not being big bruise raids, they still have differences. First, coming out of the draft, Singletary had little strength in the passing game. The chef thrives there.

Singletary is also much more experienced in running the ball – Cook is not. But both can still do what the other does. Buffalo could see the benefits of using both players.

Although Cook’s analysis was difficult, not everything was bad. The election of Kaiir Elam in the 1st round was praised, as well as Khalil Shakir in the fifth round:

Best choice: The first round of the corner Kaiir Elam fulfills the need and in the end he will be an outstanding cover player. He has the length and talent to be a closed player.

The Skinny: This team doesn’t have a lot of holes, but they filled a big one with Elam. Cook was a bit of a surprise, but I liked the fifth round receiver Khalil Shakir. This is a team to be beaten at the AFC.

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