Can Rob Gronkowski follow in the footsteps of Larry Fitzgerald? Measurement of Gronk size if TE retires

While Tom Brady pulled out of “Brett Favre,” retiring and retiring in the same offseason, his favorite target, hard end Rob Gronkowski, could follow a different path this year, the one that last year charted the second all-time great, wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

The NFL’s No. 2 player on all-time admission and admission lists had his contract with the Arizona Cardinals expired at the start of his 2021 free play, and he did nothing. There is no application to retire, return to the Cardinals, or join another team.

In his show SirusXM with Jim Gray, “Let’s Go,” Fitzgerald said he “has no need to play” in August 2021 and will think about how autumn progresses. Those feelings never changed, and the 17-year-old NFL veteran no longer talked about his career plans until last February when he simply said, “I had a great ride. It was fun. I wouldn’t change anything.”

image in the head

This offseason, Gronkowski’s contract with the Buccaneers has expired and he remains a free agent. It makes sense that someone like Gronko would take the time before deciding whether to play the 12th NFL season or not. During an interview with CBS News in 2019, when he retired for a year, the 6-foot 6,265-pound heavy group said he had about “nine surgeries, probably 20 concussions while playing football.”

Last weekend Gronkowski said he would return to Brady and the Buccaneers if retired wide receiver and former Patriots teammate Julian Edelman also joins the team. Edelman retired before the 2021 season after a 12-year career with the Patriots, where he won three Super Bowls and a Super Bowl MVP award after New England’s 13-3 win over the Rams in the LIII Super Bowl.

“Oh yeah, if Julian signs with the Bucs now, I’m going back for a whole‘ another year, ”Gronkowski told Sports Illustrated. “Put your hands down. I was with him just last night. He has to sign with the Bucs.”

The problem is that Edelman seems to have happily retired as an analyst at “Inside The NFL,” and is more likely to be seen hanging out with Gronkowski in the hot tub since he was on April 27 instead of on the football field .

“I’ve always said, I’ll go until the wheels come off,” Edelman said when he retired. “They finally dropped out.”

As for Gronka, can this really be the end of his football journey? If so, here’s where the future Hall of Famer ranks among the best belt catchers in NFL history.

Tom Brady is his favorite guy

No one has caught more touchdowns than NFL’s most decorated quarterback than Gronkowski. His 105 touchdowns received from Brady are 64 more than the 41 that Edelman and Randy Moss had in total during their quarterback runs.

Tom Brady with the most hits (including postseason)

  1. Rob Gronkowski: 105
  2. Julian Edelman: 41
  3. Randy Moss: 41
  4. Wes Welker: 38
  5. Mike Evans: 31

Those 105 connections in the final zone make Brady and Gronkowski the second most prolific relationship in NFL history, ahead of Steve Young and Jerry Rice with 92 touchdowns received as a duo and behind only Hall of Fame members Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison together 114 received touchdowns.

Most touchdown duo QB-pass catcher in NFL history (including postseason)

  1. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison: 114
  2. Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski: 105
  3. Steve Young and Jerry Rice: 92

“We played together – I basically know every situation that came up,” Brady said last December about his 11 seasons with Gronkowski, half of Brady’s 22-season career. “I know how [Gronkowski] he would deal with it. So much about football predicts what the problems will be, rather than trying to figure out how to solve the problem after the game. I think a lot of it is problem solving before things happen. ‘Gronk’, he knows what I mean, I know what he thinks. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing together for so long. That’s very nice. It’s a great luxury for two such players who have played together as much as we have. “

The best solid ending ever?

Gronkowski is in the top 10 or top five in all three major income categories, and lags only behind Antonio Gates (116) and Tony Gonzalez (111) in income. Gronkowski played in 143 games, 93 less than Gates and 127 less than Gonzalez.

Rob Gronkowski career all time TE ranks

Receiving a touchdown



Reception yards

9,286 th most common

Reception 621 10

Gronkowski’s fusion of minds with Brady made him the second most dangerous playoff weapon in NFL history with 15 touchdowns received in the playoffs, second only to Jerry Rice’s 22 touchdowns. In their fourth joint win at the Super Bowl, he caught the first two touchdowns of the game from Brady on his way to Patrick Mahomes and then-Kansas City Chiefs defender 31-9 Super Bowl LV.

Most received touchdowns in NFL playoff history

  1. Jerry Rice: 22
  2. Rob Gronkowski: 15
  3. John Stallworth: 12
  4. Travis Kelce: 11

In his second NFL season in 2011 alone, he led the league in 17 goals, with more than 16 goals from Calvin Johnson Hall of Fame that year. While many records have fallen as the NFL gets happier with the passage, those 17 touchdowns received remain the highest in a single season in NFL history. His 1,327-yard earnings that season was also the biggest loss ever at the time, but that total is now the fifth most effective in a single season.

In case Gronkowski decides to spend more time in the hot tub than on the 2022 football field, the Buccaneers have chosen two consecutive ends during the NFL Draft. However, as the Cardinals did a year ago when they “left the ball” at the proverbial court of Larry Fitzgerald, the Buccaneers continue to leave room for Gronkowski in case he wants to rejoin Brady on the football field.

“I’m still giving him that time,” Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht said during the 2022 NFL Draft, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “We’re still talking. I don’t think it mattered if we drew two doughs. It wouldn’t matter. I think Rob welcomes it; the more, the better. So it doesn’t show our hand or predict what’s going to happen in of the future. “

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