Brighton 4-0 Manchester United: Graeme Souness calls into question Ralph Rangnick’s appointment | Football news

Graeme Souness has questioned Manchester United’s decision to appoint interim manager Ralph Rangnick, claiming the players are not listening to him.

United will end the season with the worst points in the Premier League era after a disastrous 4-0 defeat by Brighton.

Rangnick said his side was “horrible” and “humiliated” on the South Coast as their fans chanted, “You’re not capable of wearing a shirt” during the second half.

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AND Sky Sports Graeme Souness expert went further claiming that United players had stopped listening to the interim manager, who should not have been appointed.

“Looking at that Man United team, the guy who’s in charge now, they don’t listen to him,” Souness said on Football Saturday night.

“When I see someone talking in management, I always imagine me back in the locker room as a 22-year-old and that guy talking to me. He (Rangnick) won’t understand me. Fergie (Sir Alex Ferguson) would understand me. Those Man United players are long gone stopped listening.

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Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes claims he agrees with Brighton fans who sang ‘You’re not fit to wear the shirt’ on the United team during the 4-0 defeat to Brighton

Man United are 10 years old with Fergie’s ridiculously bad football decisions. Which geniuses at Man United sat down and thought, ‘We’re going to get rid of Olea (Gunnar Solskjaer) and there’s a guy who’s an adviser at Lokomotiv Moscow, I’m told he’s the real one. There is nothing in his resume that would guarantee him a job at Man United.

“If you go back to the players who signed and renewed their contracts with this last guy who came, I just don’t know where they get their football decisions from. They’ve consistently made mistakes for 10 years and that’s why they’re in the mud.”

Dublin: Ronaldo’s smile summed it up

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Dion Dublin suggests Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction after Brighton scored 3-0 at Amex Stadium, summed up Manchester United’s day as Ralph Rangnick’s team lost 4-0 in the Premier League

Sky Sports expert Dion Dublin was not impressed with Man United’s portrayal. The former United striker believes Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction has made the club’s miserable day worse.

Man United is guilty of not bringing in the right man to take over the manager’s job and give him time, Dublin said.

“There are some potentially great players. However, as much as you think you are, if you’re not willing to do the basics of the game, there’s no way you can implement your own skill. If you don’t do the basics, you have no chance.

“One of the signal signs was after one of the goals that Ronaldo laughed at. Is he laughing at his players? Is he talking about what’s going on here, am I at Man United or not? It’s summed up today.”

Souness added: “He thinks: ‘Last time I had Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand, now I have this much.’

What’s next?

Brighton travel to Leeds in their penultimate Premier League this season on May 15 (starting at 2 p.m.). They then end the campaign at home in West Ham seven days later (starting at 4 p.m.).

Manchester United have one more match left from the Ralph Rangnick era. They travel to Crystal Palace on May 22 (starting at 4 p.m.).

The rest of Brighton’s game

May 15 – Leeds

May 22 – West Ham (h)

The remaining games of Man Utd

May 22 – Crystal Palace (s)

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