Bridging the gap between science and healthcare: Dr. Dorothy Neddermeyer’s crusade to connect you to your inner source.

Dr. Dorothy Neddermeyer, an internationally recognized authority for bridging science, spirit, and human resources, has long advocated the need to understand the significant role that spiritual self-care plays in maintaining mental health. Her nearly three decades of experience as a transformation leader, speaker and educator of natural health and wellness; and her personal and professional development helped her better understand her spiritual self-care.

“Nurturing a healthy spiritual life can bring many benefits – not only does it help calm the mind, but it also cures the chaos within you, resulting in creating the space needed to respect what your heart longs for while developing the courage to take action for good change,” she said. is.

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Dorothy knew she was different – listening to a call that constantly reminded her of the vital role she would play in helping people in their healing process.

Dr. Dorothy recounts: “I remember when I was seven, this voice told me I had to play an important role. That echoing call came back to me when I was about 18 – it took me a while, but I managed to figure it out. I listened that voice in my heart that told me to trust in spirituality and to believe less in science. ”

A good doctor explains that it does not come from traditional medicine. Yet, through this belief, she created a career in healing and helping people – deciding to seek answers from God. “During the early stages of my career, I discovered the universal truth that the medical profession is not for good but for profit. This sad truth has helped me seek God’s power and how we can bridge the gap between science, spirit and human potential.”

She further explains that her form of healing involves how a person can successfully connect with the source – a divine being we all call ‘God’, but in different forms according to one’s belief. According to Dr. Dorothy, connecting to the source will help you get answers to the questions you have longed for.

“My mission is to help clients get in touch with their internal source. The framework may be the same, but the process becomes different for each individual. I’ve been doing this for over thirty years and it’s a situation where everyone gets both the client and me. they both gained experience, ”she shares.

Dr. Dorothy also points out that her approach to treatment is motivated primarily by the need to address the cause of her symptoms. “Symptoms are never problems, but the cause of symptoms that need to be addressed. Therefore, the healing process I lead is aimed at making them painless and ultimately lead a life without unnecessary medications.”


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