Both Wilmington brothers Walston are getting good news in their professional sports careers

Blake Walston (left) and older brother Garrett Walston received good news over the weekend about their professional sports careers.  Blake was promoted by the Diamondbacks to Double-A Amarillo;  Garrett was signed by the 49ers as an unrefined free agent.

Garrett Walston joked that he had to make his money in the new home of his brother, Arizona Diamondbacks promising baseball player Blake Walston.

Now he will try to do it outside the yard.

Last weekend, the two brothers got good news in their search for professional athletes.

Garrett, who finished high school in New Hanover in 2016 and the UNC bench, was selected as a free agent without a draft by the San Francisco 49ers after the 2022 NFL Draft. Blake, chosen by Arizona in the first round of New Hanover 2019, was promoted to Double-A Amarillo and started first over the weekend.

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