Fighting mental health and becoming immune to COVID-19 – three compelling bibles

If mental well-being is to thrive healthy, maximal and spiritual, especially depression during COVID, our mental models need to adapt to incorporate deeper levels of pure mental silence: awareness that facilitates disease-free awareness and purifies transcendence. Humanity has evolved beyond “copy and paste” religious belief systems, and is now replaced by mature independent thinking – … Read more

How do traditional Chinese health beliefs and Chinese culture affect health and disease?

Traditional Chinese health beliefs take a holistic view that emphasizes the importance of environmental factors in increasing the risk of disease. According to Quah (1985), these factors affect the balance of body harmony and yin and yang. These are two opposite but complementary forces that, along with qi (vital energy), control the universe and explain … Read more

Injunctions in Federal Health Care, Securities & Bank Mortgage Fraud Cases for Attorneys & Lawyers

The health care fraud, bank/mortgage fraud and securities fraud practitioners should be aware of 18 USC § 1345, a law which permits the federal government to file a civil action to enjoin the commission or imminent commission of a federal health care offense, bank- mortgage offense, securities offense, and other offenses under Title 18, Chapter … Read more

Cauliflower super food for better health

The history of cauliflower goes back 2,000 years as it originated in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Cauliflower comes from a family of vegetables called cruciferous vegetables with close relatives such as broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are known for their anti-cancer properties due to the presence of a natural chemical called glucosinolates. … Read more

Health is the most important wealth

If you are fortunate enough to have employer-provided health insurance, this narrows your options to plans offered by your employer. If you don’t have coverage through your job, an organization or association you belong to may allow you to purchase health insurance through them at a group rate. Another option is to check your local … Read more

home health assistance course

The home healthcare market in India is currently estimated to have an opportunity of $2-4 billion annually. What is the role of a home health aide? Providing basic personal care, especially for elderly and paralyzed patients, at home Providing personal care such as bathing, dressing and caring for the patient Monitor or report changes in … Read more

Dr. Ken Cooper’s Steps Towards Good Health Get A Much Needed Promotion

an introduction Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, now in his eighty-sixth year, is the most popular neighborhood fitness educator. He’s the father of the exercise movement whose books, clinic, research, and lectures have likely turned a million or more potatoes into regular exercise. Cooper’s first book, Aerobics, mentions some of the wisdom of Schopenhauer, who noted … Read more