ASUS launches its own ROG STRIX SQ7 NVMe SSD

ASUS is entering the SSD business

The Taiwanese company could soon become one of the first major brands to offer all PC components under its own name.

ASUS has just released a teaser of its upcoming NVMe SSD. The company has not previously released its SSD, which confirms that ASUS will soon be entering a new market for computer hardware. Teaser published on the social page ASUS ROG Taiwan displays ROG STRIX SQ7 NVMe SSD. This model would offer 1TB of storage space over the M.2 PCIe Gen4 interface.


The SSD comes in win M.2 2280 format and supports the PCIe Gen 4 × 4 standard. Unfortunately, there are no signs of a Gen5 SSD yet, but ASUS could test the waters before entering the premium SSD market.

The teaser was released just 3 weeks after Computex 2022. ASUS recently announced its “Boundless” event scheduled for May 17, where a new SSD could be announced.

ASUS already offers almost all computer components, with the exception of its own memory modules. However, this will give their fans a chance to make all ASUS systems soon. Among the three big companies: ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte, only the latter currently offers a full product portfolio, from keyboards, PC hardware to monitors, basically everything a player would need. Where ASUS leads though is furniture, after the company established a partnership with IKEA.

Source: ASUS ROG via @KOMACHI_ENSAKAWccftech, Tom’s hardware

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