An NBA star who can’t watch NBA games? These are bad habits.

Some of my friends who are still down there have their schedules. Everyone gathers and watches some of the matches during work. They send you pictures of newspapers, so they are certainly included, because I represent the Bahamas wherever I go.

How does this play-off mentally compare to last year’s?

It is much different. In the beginning, last year, I built my self-confidence because we kept going to the playoffs and going to the finals. But this, self-confidence is no longer a matter. It’s through the window. I saw everything. I know what I can do.

How much, if any, additional motivation do you have against Luka Dončić, given that you are both elected to the same class and are constantly compared to him?

No motivation. I am happy for the man, no matter where it takes us, because I am proud to be a part of this class and to be the best draft class of all time. Obviously, through competition we try to beat each other, but in the end I am never motivated by someone else’s success.

You became a father last year. What has fatherhood taught you about itself?

I definitely stopped a lot of bad habits early on.

Such as?

As well as the way I eat. The way I sleep at night. Just keeping track of time. I am very, very careful about time and knowing the time and place, especially with a child. And I present myself in the best way I can, on and off the field.

Will your son play ball like you?

Oh yeah! When he sees the ball, he looks for his hoop, like, “Where is the hoop? Where is the hoop? I’m ready. “Then pass it on to him. I say,” Go to the alley oop. Go to the alley oop. ” And he catches it and nails it in 1 year.

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