An Arizona high school student manages to make artwork out of metal

The high school student from Arizona transformed her hobby into something much more, and that brought her and her mother closer – like a metal that welds.

He takes something insignificant in each piece and makes it beautiful.

Faye Pfeiff, a graduate of trade school West-MECmanaged to focus on welding.

“I definitely didn’t expect to find a trade school that I could start so early, so I was really grateful to have found this class and could be ready for work right after high school,” she said.

Her mother, Arlene Pfeiff, was happy to encourage her daughter in this career.

“I was thrilled,” her mother said. “It’s a very unusual occupation for a young woman, but I was absolutely thrilled that she wanted to go for something that really told her at the time, something that interested her. Plus welding is an amazing long-term career opportunity for someone, so I thought that it’s amazing. “

Arlene says it only brought them closer.

“As a mother, you know, she does all the welding, but a lot of the designs and resins we do together, so it was a blessing in every way you can imagine,” Arlene said.

Faye isn’t sure what the future holds, but she knows it will involve welding in some way, and West-MEC has given her the tools to pursue that passion.

“It became a bit of a hobby, pretty amateur stuff, but as I progressed, my skills progressed and my interest in the craft progressed, so I joined this class so I could continue my career not only in artistic welding but also in commercial, structural , whatever else she could do, ”Faye said.

Faye’s artwork can be seen on display right now at the Arts HQ Gallery in Surprise.

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Faye Pfeiff

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