A new spin-off of Star Trek shows the January 6 riots that led to the ‘Second Civil War’ and the ‘Third World War’

Premiere of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount Plus On Thursday, the riots of January 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol seemed to have sparked a fictional nuclear World War III on Earth in the timeline of a science fiction series.

Spin off from Star Trek: Discoverybased on a cannon from the original 1960s series, showed the crew Company discovering a pre-warp society with advanced technology, which the warring factions on the planet will use against each other.

As the peace summit between the two factions begins to crumble, Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) shines in the midst of negotiations to show both sides the Earth’s history and warns that current fighting on the planet would lead them down the same path as Earth: the “Second Civil War” The “Eugenics War” and then the nuclear “Third World War”, which resulted in massive loss of life.

Pike introduces himself and says, “… my people and yours are very similar.” He then shows the faction leaders the prosperous Land of the Star Trek in the future and says, “Although we haven’t always been peaceful.”

He continues: “This is our Earth in the 21st centuryAll century, before everything went wrong. “The video flashes pictures of the modern age as Pike says,” It looks a lot like your world today. “

Pike then says he will show leaders their future, and the video intersects with what appears to be the Save America rally, where thousands of President Donald Trump supporters gathered at Ellipses in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021. Pike recounts and says: ” Our conflict also began with a struggle for freedom, “because people are holding American flags, Trump flags and inscriptions, allegedly from the rally, that say” vote revision “and criticize Joe Biden, COVID restrictions and the MRNA vaccine.

The following image is a noose hanging from a gallows in front of the American Capitol, which was spotted during the riots. Pike says, “We called it the Second Civil War,” while the scene then flashes into what appears to be a march of social justice in New York City. Thousands can be seen holding signs, including those that read, “there is no justice, there is no peace” and “there is strength in unity.”

Pike continues “Then the Eugenics War,” referring to events on the Star Trek timeline, while the scene then returns to the Jan Rebellion in the U.S. Capitol where people in MAGA gear can be seen arguing with officers as Pike says, “and finally “World War Three.”

A brief look at what appears to be a leftist mess on the city’s streets can then be seen before Pike says, “This was our last day, when the Earth we knew ceased to exist,” before the video shows nuclear explosions that destroy cities around the world.

Leading with the January 6 recording as the starting point of the current civil unrest, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds effectively reverses the chronology of modern political violence.

Pike continued, “What began as an eruption in one nation ended with the eradication of 600,000 species of animals and plants and 30 percent of the Earth’s population. Global suicide.”

After noticing the technology alien species developed for the war, Pike added, “What we gave you was a means to exterminate, and seemingly you will.”

As the image of the ruined Statue of Liberty and the New York City flash on Pike’s screen says, “You’ll use competing ideas of freedom to bombard each other into ruins just like us, and then your last day will look just like this,” as the screen flashes to Earth after nuclear holocaust.

Originally, in the chronology of Star Trek, the Eugenics War and World War III were in the late 20th century. This was repeated several times during different series of the show, and World War III was postponed to 2026. According to Star Trek: Enterprise in the episode In the Dark Mirror, Part 2, the war began when a group of eco-terrorists committed genocide that took the lives of 600 million people.

Said runner Henry Alonso Myers TVLine regarding the January 6 show “We don’t want to Track be alienating, but also values Track they are quite direct. ”

“We say this time is full of conflict. We felt it could not hurt to put it as a reminder that the path of conflict has consequences. It was not an insult or a disgrace. More has been tried to say that this is the message we hope will have today echo.”

He also told the publication: “We are trying to convey a message of hope. Ultimately, that’s what this show is about. We also don’t want to run away from social problems because that was what Star Trek has it was always about that. Star Trek he never ran away from these things, and that doesn’t seem like a show to us. “

Recent spin offs Star Trekespecially Star Trek: Discovery, have been criticized for “waking up”. Georgia Democrat nominee Stacey Abrams as United Earth president in season four finale Star Trek: Discovery. Abrams became prominent because of her refusal to recognize the race for the governor of Georgia in 2018.

IN Star Trek: Picardthe team has been seen attacking ICE agents and dealing with illegal immigration, homelessness in Los Angeles and other hot 21st century political topics, as well as America from the perspective of the left side of the political passage.

Myers added in an interview: “There was just that need to have something to look at, to feel that the future isn’t necessarily a scary place, [and] that it might be a great place. This is one of the central tenets of Roddenberry’s ethos – this amazing future in which people from all different races and religions and planets somehow find a way to work together. Yes, there is conflict, but they find a way to resolve it [that] by gathering. It was a very beautiful place with a lot of hope to be in a challenging time. “

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