A Hudson Falls student competes in a science competition

For about two years, Hudson Falls High School graduate Ashlyn Hutchinson has been studying algae.

It began with a year of preliminary research. Months of experimentation, data analysis, and presentation ensued.

Her research focused on how to get rid of poisonous algae species using sound waves and magnets, two methods that have never been tested together.

“Both have their own shortcomings that overlap so theoretically together they have a successful level of eradication so they don’t grow back,” Hutchinson said. “So it’s a permanent solution.”

The experiment was successful. Hutchinson’s hard work is now on display at a poster she recently unveiled at the Greater Capital Region Science and Engineering Fair.

This qualified her for the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta. There, it will compete with nearly 1,800 finalists. More than $ 5 million in prize money is on the line.

“It’s definitely a little stressful to think about how great the competition is in general, but at the same time, I succeeded here for a reason,” Hutchinson said.

The competition is held from May 7 to 13, and most of the Hutchinson judging is held on May 10. No matter what happens in Atlanta, she is proud of her work.

“It was an amazing experience to do all that research and understand what it means to go through something this extensive,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson is graduating in June and hopes to study veterinary medicine in college.

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