A Daily Lobo graduate dedicated to digital art

Joseph McKee, professor of art history and retired director of design Daily Lobo, awaiting graduation from the University of New Mexico this spring. Joining Lobo three years ago, McKee’s newspaper designs over the years followed the evolution of their design styles and abilities.

“I started in Lobo because I really wanted to do graphic design. I thought it would be a lot of fun and interesting. I really enjoy working with people, and I also enjoy design… I was looking for some kind of community or club I could join on campus and that, I would say, turned out pretty well, ”McKee said.

Outside the space that is Lobo enabled McKee to explore design, that he also offered them the community they first set out to find.

“It’s a really great place to grow and learn … really nice support,” McKee said. “Something I could rely on when school was really stressful and everything felt in the air.”

While McKee works with Lobo was extensive, their graduate and independent work, as well as design for the Conceptions Southwest campus literary magazine and the Arts Unexpected student art exhibition, allowed them to explore their creativity in far greater depth.

With other (posts) me and my peers can be a lot more creative … You have a lot more time to actually dive into what you want to bring out with what you’re working on … When I was at ‘Conceptions Southwest’, it was something what I really enjoyed: slowing down and doing a bunch of research, ”McKee said.

With this excess of academic time and freedom, McKee spent last year analyzing physical bodies in digital space for his final thesis, especially as approached by digital artist Frederik Heyman. McKee’s thesis on Frederick Heyman even re-posted on Heyman’s own Instagram story.

“Something I’m really interested in is manipulating the human body in the digital space so I’m currently working on something,” McKee said. “I played with the idea of ​​cyborgs and how they manifest in modern media and how I can expand this idea of ​​digital merging with the physical.”

McKee is now researching several graduate programs outside the U.S., with an eye on the Royal Academy of Arts outside Amsterdam.

“I would love to have a master’s degree in graphic design or letter design,” McKee said. “If I get the chance, I would like to study abroad … I think it is especially necessary in art. You have to break your comfort zone somehow. ”

Some of McKee’s work is available for viewing on their website, josephmckee.xyz.

Natalie Jude is the culture editor for the Daily Lobo. It can be obtained on Twitter @nataloroni or on [email protected]

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