76ers fined NBA $ 50,000 after Joel Embiid returned for violating injury reporting rules


The Philadelphia 76ers were fined $ 50,000 for violating NBA injury reporting rules, league announced Saturday. The sentence was handed down in connection with the return of Joel Embiid, whose status, according to the NBA, Philadelphia did not disclose in an accurate and timely manner before the game. Philadelphia won that game, 99-79, and came away just one game away from tying their series in the second round with Heat in large part thanks to Embiid’s return.

Embiid missed the first two games of the series while recovering from a concussion and an orbital bone fracture. Embiid was initially listed as “out” for most of Game 3’s upgrades, only to be upgraded to Suspicious in the end. He warmed up before the game and the team eventually decided he could play. Embiid scored 18 points in the win.

The Phoenix Suns were recently fined for a similar offense. Their star quarterback, Devin Booker, suffered a tendon strain in the first round and missed several games. Like Embiid, he was initially listed as excluded before returning to the 6th game of their series against the New Orleans Pelicans. The Suns won that game and advanced to the second round.

With multiple fines for such offenses coming in a short series, league rules don’t seem to work as much of a deterrent. So far in these playoffs, teams have been willing to pay a little money in the name of allowing their players to recover and return to a schedule that suits them without worrying about injury report labels.

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