7 things that science hasn’t actually proven to be healthy or unhealthy

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I start with the controversial question of whether a glass of wine with dinner is healthy. If anything can be said to be bad for you, it’s heavy drinking, but in recent years, some studies have shown that moderate drinking, like drinking a glass of wine with dinner, could be healthier than not drinking. (Because the French, obviously, do not suffer from heart disease as much as other nationalities.)

“Actually, drinking wine is healthy!” It is a strong argument for many of us, so it repeats ad nausea. But another study involving 371,463 individuals shows that while it is true that people who drink little or moderately are less likely to suffer from heart disease than people who abstain from alcohol altogether, it is not because of the “antioxidants” in wine or anything else. This is because these people are more likely to have healthier habits in general than sober and drunk people. Once these other factors are eliminated from the equation, the positive effect of wine on heart health disappears.

Of course, the original study of “The French paradox“Indicates that he controlled” saturated fat intake, serum cholesterol, blood pressure and smoking frequency “and still found that French wine drinkers are” relatively immune “to ischemic heart disease. Ultimately, it seems most accurate to say that the effect of a glass of wine with dinner on your heart is likely to be stifled by the millions of other things you do when you’re not eating dinner.

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