2023 BMW M2 Teaser image Preview of the upcoming Little Brother M4

The new teaser images show the new BMW M2 in profile and provide a zoomed tail view to offer a better view of the rear wing on the boot lid. It rides on a set of bronze-colored wheels with an angular design with two spokes.

This M2 carries a swirling camouflage pattern that hides design details. However, the photo gives a good idea of ​​the proportions of the vehicle. The nose is long and curved downwards in front. The side sills are prominent and the rear bumpers muscular in proportions.

We are looking at M2 testing with two exhaust schedules. The usual setting seems to be a pair of pipes on each side of the body with a piece of body separating them. The second design is visually more recognizable in that it has four trapezoidal exits with two at the top and two with a slightly wider spacing at the bottom.

Recent spy footage offered a look inside the M2 prototype. There are a couple of large screens for digital instrument panel and infotainment display. The center console has a high gearbox and a circular wheel to control the iDrive software.

Under the long hood, there is reportedly a version of the S58 twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6. This application reportedly has a power of about 450 horsepower (335 kilowatts). So far we only see the M2 with automatic transmission. It is unclear whether a manual transmission will be available.

We don’t know when BMW intends to introduce the M2. The company confirms that assembly begins “in late 2022.” at its factory in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The car manufacturer also produces the 3 and 2 Coupe series at this factory. The brand employs 800 staff to launch a second shift of production there.

BMW also promises the debut of the new M car at the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival which runs from Thursday, June 23, to Sunday, June 26. Given the teasers, we cannot rule out that the presentation could be M2.

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