100 moments that shook computer science

100 Moments That Shook Computer Science, a podcast that hit the Apple Top-10 in its first series, takes listeners on a fun tour of computing history, one revolutionary moment at a time.

Host prof. Sue Black OBE he is a professor of computer science at Durham University and a social activist known for saving Bletchley Park through the power of social media.

Listen as Sue talks to technology pioneers about human stories behind every moment and discusses their personal contribution to technology that has changed the world.

Series 2 moments will include the birth of quantum computing, the rise of laptops and the explosion of 3G. New to this series, Sue invites two computer science students to help you explain the moments each week and consider what the world would look like without them and what the future might bring.

Guests in this 6-episode series are: Lopa Patel (digital entrepreneur and president of Diversity UK), Priya Lakhani (CEO of Century Tech, who uses artificial intelligence in education), Jacky Wright (CDO at Microsoft), Tom Ilube (CEO of Crossword) Cybersecurity and former CIO of online bank Egg), Ladies Steve Shirley (a pioneer of software from the 1960s) and Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia).

About prof. Sue Black OBE

Prof.  Sue Black OBE
Prof. Sue Black OBE

“If anyone can convince the world of computer science, it’s Sue!” – Martha Lane Fox (co-founder of LastMinute.com)

Professor Sue Black OBE overcame a bad start (she left school at 16 and lived in a women’s shelter with three young children at 25) to become one of the most prominent computer scientists in the country, gaining OBE along the way for technology services (2016) . Now a professor at Durham University, prof. Black has the task of engaging more women and underrepresented groups in informatics.

Celebrated by her successful campaign on social media to preserve Bletchley Park, prof. Black continued with the author of the best-selling book Saving Bletchley Park. As the founder of BCSWomen, the UK’s first internet network for women in technology, and #techmums, a social enterprise that empowers mothers through technology, prof. Black has frequently appeared in the media to advocate for women in STEM. Other notable media appearances include Infinite Monkey Cage, Desert Island Disc and BBC3’s Girls Can Code.

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